Silver Chest Sequencing

Well congratulations on your mythic ammo and 2 mythic rage early


That would be awesome! Please send drops my way on Line once you open, and I can handle the sequencing, especially that I need to add positioning to them too :grin:

12th sequencing

Temporarily locking this because I’m working on several stuff at once - gonna get SSC sequence up while DragonAdmirer graciously helps me out with the silver sequence, and I comb through data I got, and then I’ll reopen once I have something to post :heart:

Keep sending me data in the meantime please!

Wheeew! Got the sequence for you guys! Thanks to help mainly from @Morreion , @DragonAdmirer as well as someone that I don’t know the forum name of for a little extra confirmation with positioning! Here we go!

  1. Leg Rage
  2. Leg Ammo
  3. Leg FF Atk
  4. Leg Ammo
  5. Leg Rage
  6. Mythic Ammo
  7. Leg Hunter Atk
  8. Mythic Sorc Atk
  9. Leg Hunter Atk
  10. Leg Rage
  11. Leg Warrior Atk
  12. Mythic Rage (Atk)
  13. Mythic Lighting Atk
  14. Leg Rage
  15. Mythic Warrior Atk
  16. Mythic Hunter Atk
  17. Leg Lightning Atk
  18. Leg Sorc Atk
  19. Mythic Rage (HP)
  20. Leg Sorc Atk
  21. Leg Lightning Atk
  22. Leg FF Atk
  23. Leg Warrior Atk
  24. Mythic FF Atk

Enjoy everyone! I’m off to bed :joy:

(P.S: @DragonAdmirer fullyyyyy sequenced silvers if people want to see his chart - the positioning is different to mine, but the LegD drops are the same, and it includes other sequences in silvers, I’ll let him post that if he’d like, but if you’re trying to go according to your position in silvers, you’ll have to use my numbers)


Crap im literally after the mythic rage

No mythic ammo for me this time, just after the rage too

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Dw, I missed the mythic rage too :joy:

Can i get to the mythic ammo with 400 chest
Im at 21 rn

Nope - I was at ‘20’ so my first drop was 21, and it took me 800 chests

Sleep well, so no spamming with ss tonight I guess

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14th sequencing cycle then I’ll bookmark this comment so that I don’t forget like last time
Nothing special this time so not pushing at all no rage no game

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Feel free to spam! I have Do Not Disturb mode on when I sleep :relieved:


I was on 11 so got another mythic rage. I just wish the HP ones would be down low once in a while. I now have 3 atk to my 1 hp

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Nooo I’m three spots after the ammo :sob:

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I got my hopes up after seeing legendary sorcerer attack but then got the leg lightning instead of mythic rage :sob: On the plus side I got a mythic ice flak and didn’t waste all my chests! Thanks fiery for putting this together!


:scream: I started at legendary rage… and now I have my 1st mythic ammo for my main account…

Thanks so much fiery, and everyone else for helping him HER get the data.

(omg so sorry I even know that :man_facepalming:)


Her :eyes:


Something has changed :sweat_smile:
In January I got leg ammo and stopped, could have been #4 or #11 position back then. Never opened since then and today I get #10-12 chunk. Happy with mythic rage :blush: but just strange movements.