Silver Chest Sequencing

I’ve actually opened 900 and 1200 in events before because I thought that would be enough and didn’t get a mythic ammo. This event I opened 500 before getting a mythic but then in the next 350 I had 4 mythics drop including the mythic ammo.
I will say though that last event I got the mythic ammo in the first 250 drops, so it just all depends where you end up starting. That’s why players tracking sequences helps so much.


I believe ppl who stopped at the mythic ammo last time (fight pits 7/29 - 8/4) and haven’t gotten a “legendary dragon” list rune since will start at the mythic lightning attack this week. (I just did.)

In not actually sure this helps anybody much, but it could if you know where you were (or weren’t) last time and want an idea whether to even open the first 100 this week. I don’t know if there was a complete sequence for fight pits week, but I know we know some of it.


Okay so, I just confirmed that this is true because I still have the sequence from last time that also happened to be full. I did this by comparing some other drops people sent me vs where they started this time, and it all checked out, so I’ll start including positioning from now on as best as I possibly can.

Couple things people need to note:

  1. I don’t always have the full sequence to put out
  2. I need data so I can continue to do the sequencing, literally almost impossible for me to do it otherwise (I guess unless I find 24 people that are in each of the unique positions and they open enough for a Leg rune each time and I use that to sequence, but I’m sure you all realise how ridiculous that sounds and how tough it would be)

So while I will start including positioning that should be reliable enough for people to use to track their drops and choose whether or not to open chests, I will still need drops sent to me in the future so I can continue to do this, so I’ll leave everyone to their own judgment.

For what it’s worth, here’s the sequence from fight pits rearranged to fit the sequence from this time around so people can choose to track their drops. I will also add info about how positioning works in my starting post that I initially left out due to ‘irrelevance’ nowadays.

OLD Sequence
  1. Mythic Hunter HP
  2. Leg Sorc HP
  3. Leg Warrior HP
  4. Mythic Lightning atk
  5. Mythic FF atk
  6. Leg ammo
  7. Leg Warrior HP
  8. Leg Hunter HP
  9. Mythic Warrior HP
  10. Leg IF HP
  11. Leg Hunter HP
  12. Leg ammo
  13. Leg Sorc HP
  14. Leg FF atk
  15. Leg rage
  16. Leg Lightning atk
  17. Leg Lightning atk
  18. Leg IF HP
  19. Mythic Rage
  20. Mythic IF HP
  21. Mythic Sorc HP
  22. Leg FF attack
  23. Leg Rage
  24. Mythic Ammo

Bumping this thread because we’re getting fight pits this week which should have mythic ammo! Once again, make sure to screenshot/screenrecord drops and send them my way so I can continue to sequence silvers! I might also come out with a video explaining how silver chests work and upload it this week (for those that don’t already know, I started a YT channel and will be updating new videos in this thread, make sure to check it out!)


Wish I didn’t open my 4 silver chests this event

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Chunk is judging you


Do not bring his name into this!


I got a legendary healing sticker and a legendary ice flak HP, I already had one of the Ice flak HP runes equipped so it was useless to me. 10/10 I regret it

Too late :eyes: Axi called, he’s judging you too :axi:

Can always save it for later when you expand! (Or dust it?) Never know when it’ll come in handy!


I dusted it as I have the exact same rune on my base

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EDIT: Something I’d like to address - as much as I’m happy to help people, PLEASE refer to the beginning of my post for the FAQs section if you have any questions before reaching out to me to ask. Because I keep getting the very questions I addressed in that section of my post, and it’s very exhausting answering them repeatedly when I worked hard on that section to reduce the work load for me later on.
I’m really not trying to be rude, but please refer to that section before coming to me. I don’t want to be grumpy when talking to people due to the preventable burnout over this, please help me out guys. :see_no_evil:

Preliminary part of the sequence (I have other chunks to link later, just wanted to get this out for now):

  1. Mythic IF HP
  2. Leg Hunter HP
  3. Leg Lightning Atk
  4. Leg Rage
  5. Mythic Warrior HP
  6. Leg IF HP
  7. Leg Lightning Atk
  8. Leg Rage
  9. Mythic Rage
  10. Leg Hunter HP
  11. Leg Warrior HP
  12. Leg Sorc HP
  13. Leg Ammo
  14. Mythic Ammo
  15. Mythic Sorc HP
  16. Mythic FF Atk
  17. Leg FF Atk
  18. Leg FF Atk
  19. Mythic Lightning Atk
  20. Leg Warrior HP
  21. Leg Ammo
  22. Leg Sorc HP
  23. Mythic Hunter HP
  24. Leg IF HP

Keeping position numbers out right now till I can confirm later, but if you got a mythic ammo last time, you’re pretty close to a mythic ammo this time. Please keep sending me data, and check back often for more updates!

Update 1: Added more parts to the sequence + Position numbers - the sequence is now nearly complete, just need to link a few more chunks in and later rearrange drops to look better visually by drop number. Before people say it, yes, I know the numbers look weird at a glance, yes, this was intentional - if you’re not keeping track of positions, just ignore the numbers.

Update 2: Sequence should now be complete! Thanks to @Andrewb345 for giving me the last piece of the puzzle! More or less confident that the sequence is accurate, and thanks all for sending me data! Feel free to send me more for confirmation! :smiley:


Someone’s teammate got lucky and managed to get one after 100 silver chest openings I still got nothing or no where close too those ammo runes.
Edited: this person’s teammate said once you get a mythic FF rune you know your close to it is this true guys?

I am still linking sequences, but the Mythic FF Atk doesn’t look to be anywhere near the sequence.

How many chests people need for the ammo varies according to where they are in the sequence.


141 chest = 0 myth 3 legendary ,i should keep collect but always fail with it :disappointed_relieved:
Dear PG why you guys not gib us myth ammo with branchs :roll_eyes:


Because free things make people quit :man_facepalming:
I would get a branch solely for the ammo rune or glyph


Do runes count in the sequence if they are from bonus chests?



I suppose it would add onto the increased chancing of getting mythic runes
Edit: What she said down below

K, thanks

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I guess I’m not opening any more chests then, got ff attack as my first legendary and that’s clearly not close to either the rage or ammo, only have a couple hundred silvers (on my alt), main started at 22 so no point going further there either