Silver Chest Sequencing

Sooo late, smdh :triumph::potato:


I dont like this sequence though. Can I get one that has glyphs in it instead?

Thanks you for doing these as always

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Random (and possibly idiotic) question:

I got a Leg Hunter Attk, then the next 10 I opened I got a Mythic IF HP. Wondering if thats an anomoly or if I should keep going to determine where I am in the sequence?

Also, I GREATLY appreciate these; thanks so much!!!

I had the same thing. I think there is a different sequence with all the striker runes. I opened a couple hundred more chests, but didn’t get another mythic and gave up.

Ignore striker, mage hp and ice flak hp runes as they’re part of a separate sequence that has no effect whatsoever on the sequence I put out


Bless you. :pray:t5:

Fiery, you are a true asset to this community. I doubt that there are any words that could be conjured to fully express that. Thank you for your excellent effort and dedication at what you do. Thank you for being the guide that we never knew we needed, but are more than grateful to have. You’re a real gem. :gem::sparkles:

I believe this is the first ammo rune that I have received from a silver chest, rather than from some external source (such as a Trading Post). Other drops from these chests are nothing to complain about, either; I’d say I hit the jackpot. Thank you again for the work that you do to help make these things happen.


Ahhh thx a ton! I was holding off just in case. Thx so much.

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@MiinaNiina are you going to make one of your handy dandy charts with the chest numbers on it? It’s been a tough week - math is hard right now :crazy_face: :joy: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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I made simple charts. :eyes:



So just to make sure that I understand what is happening:

I started opening my chests. On the Bonus I got a Mythic Warrior attack so that puts me on position 12 in the sequence? And I would need an additional 707 at most to reach the mythic ammo.

If I understand the bonus shortens sequence it is not independent of the sequence itself.

Thank you much for the information.

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Dam I just saw this and I am on spot 13.This is Jackpot.hahahahahaha.I am gonna go all the way to 21.
Thanks so much for this again.I heart you.
You complete me.

Edit:Nvm I am on slot 22.lmao hahahaha
I wanted to sell all those mythics for dusts.


You’re awesome! These are so helpful! A big thanks to you @MiinaNiina and @FieryxFury! We cannot express enough how much your contributions mean to all of us :heart: :raised_hands:


Yeah - you get a legendaryD (the sequence I post is for LegD runes) every 101 chests in the main sequence and 2 of them every 600 chests in the bonus sequence


I want your spot bro.huhu

I picked up the Mythic Ice Flak in between the mythic sorcerer att and the mythic hunter att, made for a nice set right before getting the Ammo.

Appreciate this! Got Sorceror Attack, Hunter Attack and Mythic Ammo…Jackpot!


That´s very nice. Thanks for adding the max chests needed for the mythic ammo depending on which position we are. And of course thank you so much FieryxFury

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I was thinking of Monster Energy or Red Bull, but okay. That can be arranged. :joy:

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I actually hate Red Bull :joy: Only had Monster once or twice, didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it either :nerd_face:

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Well, you won’t be. :joy:

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