Silver chest vs runic chest

So I got 3 silver chests as prizes that I was supposed to be able to get at the armory but they never became available, it’s it because they are labeled runic and not silver? I want my prizes. I’m new to the game so i’m not even sure who to message about this.

Silver chests will re-appear in the next event, you can open the chests you won then. While runic chests are active (generally during pvp events) you cannot see or use them, but they are still saved and added.

Also this question does get asked a lot, the search function is your friend!

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do you mean @TheRedDelilah to get a moderator to see this thread?

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Weird. I can’t get it to work. Maybe they shut it off due to the 4.16 launch?


It won’t auto populate, so you need to actually spell it out.

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I see. capitalization killed it.

Welcome to the forums! When special chests are in the armory (such as sigil chests and runic chests), Silver Chests are temporarily disabled. Don’t worry - after this special weekend, your claimed silver chests will be there waiting for you!


Eh, noone loves Psarus or ModMat?
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I never said I love Red either, however I see her posting more frequently on the threads I read so she’s the first one I think of.

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