Silver chests get It right


What thhell I can’t t get my 3 silver chests why o yea they took the out of the game way togo


Lol they’ll be back in a couple days calm down there nothing in there is going to make a difference over the next few days anyways.


The search function is your friend.

“Runic Chests” are in place of silver chests for a short time. Your silver chests are still there, and you will be able to open them later.


Just be aware that they will most likely disappear over the next two weekends also


Yup. It will convert to the bonus chest type.


shhhh… don’t ruin it… It’s a secret :wink:


Not sure I could hold off not clicking that button…


Delete your posts and let’s forget this discussion ever happened…


Deal :exploding_head:


U missed one :joy:


No i didn’t!! I double checked lol


Everyone’s post is being taken out lol :joy:Everyone forgot where they are at


What? Oh yea the shiney thingy, lol!


In addition to Runic Chests, any special chests that are offered take the place of the silver chests - this includes the super sigil chests. Considering that the next two weeks are the last two in the season, they’ll likely replace the silver with the super sigil chests for the weekend days both weeks as they have done in the past two seasons. You should still see silver chests as usual on weekdays that the events are active.


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