Silver Chests new Rune

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Are these new?


This has been discussed in other threads but yes, they are in fact new additions

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Wow didn’t know they now have runs for invocers

I find it kind of funny that they finally release earth flak HP runes after they released the Orrery that has more HP than you can ever get your earth flak and has made them a bit redundant now


It is funny. Let’s hope the one orrery per perch area feedback occurs. EF will not be redundant then.

Is there a list of new ones as can not see them on the forum?

Fiery has the current list here I think the main new ones are for the invoker hp and att


The entire list is new - can just click the little info bubble next to silver chests in game for a list of available runes in the event


So there are no new ones coming out that are not showing in this events list?

Thank you

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No. The event list always shows what’s available - there are no surprises.

Think we have cross wires. I don’t mean new ones for this event. I mean are there any new ones being introduced for say…next week, or breeding or other pvps that are not on the current events loot table.

Oh, I misunderstood - we don’t know since there wasn’t any announcement

Even this event was noticed by players vs announced

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You can find all the runes currently existing in the game here

Not easy to find which ones are new of course, but a check of the datafiles shows me that the only new ones this release are epic/legendary/mythic invoker hp/attack runes AND glyphs, plus seasonal dragon runes.

PG can of course add new ones at any time, no way to know if/when that will happen.


Lovely. Thank you both. :blush:

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