Silver chests reward

I just got 3 silv3r chests from the event reward… it says to open in the armory but they didn’t appear…

Anyone else have this problem?

And/or How do I submit a ticket to get this remedied?

Thank you.

Come next event, they will show up. Currently, runic chest it’s where silver chests would be. This takes place every PvP. Also, this will happen come super sigil chests.


OP is talking about the “missing” silver chests. If OP had used the search function, many many many answers and explanations are available.
Exiting in and out of the event won’t bring silvers on display for this event, so they will have to wait for fort event (Wednesday).

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Yeah I just found this out that I have to wait until the next event. Brand new to this game. Thanks tho everyone!


:scream: The lack of chests is horrifying!

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I open everything on pvp events, save over minor events :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m trying to build up a stockplie of chests and such for next season :laughing: let’s see if I manage to hold out :joy: Being E2P is tough :sweat_smile:


I decided to take this season easy… but that may change when they reveal the other hunter lol. I still push for what I think I can manage without depleting all my rss in one go.


Open that bronze chest probably has an epic sigil drop knowing your good fortune lol

Sorry, (again, I’m a noob to this game), what’s rss? =p

I am still saving. Managed 70k rubies and 90 gold. No shit it’s tough to manage through events.

Rss=>resources. In this case it’s rubies and chests, but in other cases it could be food wood gold, energy IF etc.

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Next season? This one just started. Going big over the summer?

Thinking of enjoying real life during my too-short Summer up here in the Great White North.



You are not thinking far ahead. We are planning on fall 2018 mythic hunter without spending :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t spend but don’t have any desire to be THAT thrifty. Got boost, full discount hunter, first page of discount rider and 3675 sigils burning a hole in my pocket waiting to see if anything else is worth it. Down to 15.7k rubies though since opened some of my stockpile to get to 500 sigils this event.


That’s discipline

Yes I have too

I’m not sure yet :laughing: but I’m looking at breeding A&A in possibly 3 more months, so if I take this season in a more relaxed fashion, I can concentrate on using my rubies for egg missions instead of trying to save some for super sigil chests so I can finish out lines.

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1 last thing, save your Silver Bonus Chest (every 30 silver chests) and open it ONLY when Runic Chest come out.
I got a Legendary Fire Flak Frenzy Rune :slight_smile:

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You’re planning on breeding 3 months down the road? Wow shit must get really gnarly difficult later on =p