Silver chests rip off scam

I’ve been ripped for about 30 or so silver chests, if you can’t claim the chest when you get them with sigils or earn them why have them at all get rid of them so we don’t waste sigils or time

:man_facepalming: They’re replaced by Sigil chests until Wednesday. Meaning you can’t open them until Wednesday.

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This thread reappears so freaking often I almost feel like starting a pool with the other forum regulars to see at what day and what approximate time someone will come whining on the forums saying they’ve been cheated out of their silver chests, (which are now pretty much only useful for getting more rune dust) whenever the silver chests are temporarily replaced by runic chests or super sigil chests.


Welcome to the forums! When special chests are in the armory (such as sigil chests and runic chests), Silver Chests are temporarily disabled. Don’t worry - after this special weekend, your claimed silver chests will be there waiting for you!

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