Silver League Bezoars - Update: Completely ignored by PX team

Recently I quit my P4 team and have started a new team and we are working our way up from the basement. I have discovered an interesting phenomenon that is happening in down silver league.

There is evidently a bug in the game that when a player becomes inactive for such a long period of time that their base is archived and no longer attackable, the game does NOT remove them from their team. If you declare war on that team, they appear in the team’s roster but when you try to attack them you get this message.

Come to think of it I have seen this a few times in Platinum. There were a couple of wars over the years where one player was unattackable and at least one of them was very nearly a loss due to it. But its pretty rare in Platinum, presumably because any decent Platinum team will kick an inactive player long before their base gets archived by the game.

Down in Silver league that is not the case, which probably surprises no one. The result is that if a team does not have auto kick turned on, it can grow into a bezoar. People join the team, quit playing the game, go inactive and get archived, but it still shows them on the team and the team looks larger. More new players looking for a team join that team, go inactive, and pretty soon you have a nearly full team of NO ONE. The system has no way of passing this garbage out, so it just sits there stuck and growing in size - like a bezoar.

We are currently in wars with three such teams, and we are losing all three because they had more flames than us to start with (our team isn’t completely full yet) and we cannot attack their players.

@arelyna @PGJared can one of you help us with this? I have filed support ticket #1134440 but as usual no help from the primary support agent. All they said was “Unfortunately players in silver league go inactive all the time. I will tell the developers about the problem but I cant guarantee they will fix it. Have a nice day”. They have done nothing to fix our wars we are losing and have not responded in hours.

Its not fair to lose wars because you cant attack the opponents.

I suggest you just manually kick all of the archived players off of their respective teams and that should give us “left team” flames on each one. That will fix the short term problem. Then after that see about fixing the bug so that archival automatically removes the player from the team.


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I don’t know what causes this problem but you are unable to turn off auto kick so that’s not it

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This is a known issue, I’ve seen it discussed before

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I think it affects PVP and happens in gold too. There were posts about this problem but only active teams care about it… they move up quickly and just forget.


For some odd reason known issues get discussed often, resolved rarely :thinking::disappointed:

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@arelyna @PGJared can one of you please help me with support ticket #1134440 before wars end?

I don’t think autokick is working very well anymore or is only enabled in teams that are either full, or of a certain league.

I went inactive for 5 full events with my mini while on a gold 4 team (36/50ish) and was never auto kicked like i should have been.


What do you want to bet that the auto kick countdown timer is a floating point type and they do an If-Then compare to zero for the kick trigger. Then when the timer counts down to approximately zero it will be off by a few milliseconds and keep right on counting into negative numbers - no kick ever triggered.

One theory anyway.

It would be nice to be able to see the auto-kick timer for inactives, at least for officers. (Most won’t keep an inactive for long but if you get hit with back to back wars for a few days sometimes you keep them there just to not give away flames). It would be helpful if someone is away to know how long the actual period is before they would get auto’d, not had one for a while but I recall it didn’t seem to be the same for each person so it was hard to judge when you’d lose someone

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So this ended up a total cluster. @PGJared and @Arelyna never responded to the tags or the PMs. Service agent Dominuqe G ignored my messages all day long until I started creating new tickets. I asked each and every one of them to be escalated but he never escalated them, always closing them without a response. He just kept replying to the original ticket that “PG is aware of the issue and there is nothing I can do” but of course that is complete BS because he absolutely can and should have kicked the inactive players off of those other teams.

Now we have lost the wars and I messaged asking for compensation for the lost eggs and rating points and he has replied no compensation will be given.

Absolutely terrible service PG. This is what PG thinks of you. Spend hundreds of dollars and they wont even lift a finger to help fix their own problems, nor will they refund 58 lousy eggs.

I have half a mind to submit refund tickets to the Google Play store.

Don’t say that autokick is being picky now…
Some of my inactive teammates were kicked…

Its definitely an issue in gold too… whats worse is that player CAN ATTACK in the war… ive had players show active status one day and be auto kicked the next of course support was zero help, theres def no consistency in the system but thankfully its not something we really deal with anymore (knock on wood) wish you luck in your endeavor :dragon_face::dragon_face:

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TBH at this point Im more upset by PG’s complete and utter ignorage and refusal to left a finger to do anything whatsoever than I am about the actual bug.


Unfotunately Atlas is their priority apparently no time left for non atlas issues…we are just as frustrated.

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Unfortunately that seems to be the case its alllllllll about atlas


I first thought a bezoar was an antidote to most poisons, but in this case it becomes a poison for many teams… Sigh

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Haha I thought of Harry Potter when I read the topic title. :t_rex:

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We don’t kick players off someone else’s team just because you want us to. That would be a terrible precedent. It’s up to the team leader to deal with their inactive members.

The agent in question was correct here.

A request has been made to our development team to address this edge case, but it’s definitely not something that’s going to happen in a day.

This is untrue. Support (PX) is not constrained by focus on one aspect of the game or another. Also we have engineers and developers working on non-atlas issues.

We don’t always respond to every @ message or PM on the forum. Both Arelyna and myself were dealing with a number of larger issues on Friday.

I think if the players can be attacked in wars then their activity status doesn’t matter. The frustration point here is when these “inactive” players cannot be attacked because the game prevents it, which is then effectively handicapping the opposing team. If a player cannot be attacked, then they should be autokicked immediately I think

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Hopefully, it can be resolved in a week or sooner :wink: