Silver primarchs past lv 25?

Are there any plans for an additional prmch tier past lv 25? Do you guys acumulate glory on those or do u switch pmch?


Silver3 or gold but at least next year I guess

Might be a good idea continuing the pmch of choice then so u can upgrade it all the way then :grinning:

Wrong, will be earlier.

S3 or G1 primarchs would be really nice about now. Not a lot of points in the Primarch levelling event when you have 4 level 25 primarchs. I know you can still level riders for points but not exactly easy to max out with riders every single event.

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@PGJared @PGawal able to say anything about plans in this direction? :slight_smile:

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Higher level/tier Primarchs are on the way, just no specific date as of yet.


As of “no specific date for this year” or EVER?

but here’s where you can follow up on that:

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