Simple Fix to all Atlas Drama with Alliances

Idea: The 5 TEAM ALLIANCE was a good idea initially to help teams pull together and defend/attack other teams and initiate large battles since it’s often not possible to get 20+ team members online at the same time to do that in 1 team but it is possible in a larger 5TA.

The problem: All the other secondary alliances out there people make are causing too much drama and headache. You can’t attack anyone in Atlas without some sort of drama. You can’t keep track of the hundreds of teams that are in your extended alliance and which are your enemies. You accidentally hit people you shouldn’t have, etc, etc… it’s a big disaster and makes the game no fun anymore.

The solution: Very Simple - Make it so that when a team calls in for reinforcements it can ONLY BE FROM THE 5 TEAM ALLIANCE like PG originally intended it to be. If other non-5TA primes come in to attack, they can only attack the 5TA members, not any other raiders.

Anotherwards, you can’t have 100 teams in some secondary alliance come in to help 1 team.

Problem fixed, no more drama. Simple.

You’re welcome.

So what happens if multiple 5TAs come to attack the same castle? Who can attack what? Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of trying to find a solution for the atlas issues, this seems like someone could get screwed though.

For clarification, if a castle is getting attacked, the way I’m reading this is that the 5TA can come help out, but anyone else who comes can ONLY attack the owners of the castle and their 5TA. What would stop multiple 5TAs from attacking then? Seems like you solve one problem but create another.


So let’s say you’re a Platinum team A. You want to conquer a castle from another Platinum team B. Your 5TA-A alliance attacks. The only people that can come and help that team is their 5TA-B. Dread and a bunch of other diamond teams aren’t going to show up to help because they can’t help 5TA-B defend that base because they can’t hit anynone in the 5TA-A they can only hit teams on 5TA-B defeating the purpose of them even being there, as they really shouldn’t be there while 2 platinum teams and their 5TA’s battle it out.

If Dread or a diamond team member tried to attack anyone in that 5TA-A, they would get an erorr saying something like:

“Sorry you can not attack raiders unless you are in 5TA with team B”

There can still be multiple enemy 5TA attacking though, only thing this does is make 5 teams Vs unlimited 5TAs


I’m not sure how you’d enforce this? Would 5TA-C be able to show up at the castle being attacked by 5TA-A? If not, then wouldn’t this just cause even more stagnation in atlas, since you could have “friendly” 5TA that aren’t part of your direct 5TA come and park a prim at you castle, locking out everyone else from even showing up.


So. 100 teams can attack one castle, but only 5 teams can defend it?


Yeah, that sounds SO fair (rolls eyes)


Could possibly limit the number of teams put on passage within 24 hours? It could reset like with the tokens, and could limit it to lets say, 5 times a day per example? That would prevent 57 teams from defending / attacking a T2 by limiting number of teams swapped out on passage…


Yes :slight_smile: But with Glory scaling, etc… you make it so that no team wants to conquer it or even battle there unless that are lower ranked. So you’re never going to have 100 teams attacking. You make it so that it’s not desirable for higher ups to attack lower bases.

Or you limit castle turn over or something. But the idea is to eliminate all possibilities of getting reinformcements from huge extended alliances.

This is worse than mega alliances


maybe you limit how many raiding teams can be on any given castle at a time then, like 5.

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Then you’re back to let’s just park prims from a friendly 5TA that isn’t our 5TA on our castles and we are invincible!!


I like that, maybe if game set the 5TA vs 5TA and lock down the castle until one loses

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This idea is worse than what we currently have.


I see it going down hill now

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There you go.

SO 5TA attacks 5TA - castle goes on lockdown for 48 hours until someone loses. Castle can’t get re-conquered for 10 days or something.

There are ways to do this somehow. Maybe it needs tweaking. Bottom line, these mega alliances are stupid and need to come to an end.

So I can attack my friends TA and make it invincible for 48 hours.


set a time frame for enemies to attack if they don’t troops for attacking 5 TA ON CASTLE die off and castles opened back up

I’m not following you. So someone from 5TA-C comes to the castle and stays? What does that help? They wouldn’t be able to to do anything except attack 5TA-B?

That’s a good idea. 48 hours castle goes on lock down as long as battles occurring. If no battles for say 30 minutes, lock down is lifted. 48 hour battle will probably never happen, it will be over in an hour most likely.