"Simple" Request For Ice/Fire Shards?

I know there has been much about the drops of fire and ice shards. I don’t know how others feel but at the least wouldn’t it make sense to take them out of gold chests when it isn’t Fort event? I’m up to 6 in a row of my open 30 golds and get a legendary being 1k Fire Turret shards when not once have I had a use for it (I’m only level 100).

I could be wrong but making them exclusive to Fort event could at least help a little bit. I know I’d buy more gold chests with rubies if there was less unusable things in there. Maybe make embers permanently in gold chests too the way apparently black pearls are for whatever reason? 3 elemental towers and only 1 event to get embers in, fire and ice shards only good for 1 tower and they drop always (or so it seems).

Not meant to be a “change the game” or “woe is me” post, but making shards exclusive to Fort event seems like a simple change that could make a nice difference (unless they’re replaced with other garbage).

If there are reasons this is a bad idea that I’m not considering, that’s perfectly fine.


Like someone said in another post, be careful what you wish for. People asked for less rune dust… now we have less. WAY less. In fact, I could use a bunch for the season branch runes.

Maybe shards, dust, and stuff like that could have a season branch… but don’t take them away!

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Well I didn’t say take them away nor did I say to lesson the amount per drop/season branch reward. Lessening the amount you get per branch/reward would be just an idiotic request. I tried to be specific in my post to avoid that. It’s cool if it’s a bad idea, but if they did as you’re suggesting it certainly would not be following my suggestion whatsoever lol, more in tune with the usualy complaints seen on the forums of having “too much” (dangerous words imo)

Yeah… that idea floating around of a trade in mechanism sure would be nice!

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I think Cheeky has a solid idea here

Without “changing the RNG” that much, by making them appear in 1 event, people that want more chances of getting those would open chests during that event, and those that don’t - won’t.

Seems solid enough


See some comments from this evening of people saying similar things to what this post is about, guess I’ll give it a shameless bump.

I wish they had a setting for thing you get out of chests

Do it as 1-5 score per item 1 meaning you really don’t need this item and 5 being gimme all.you got!

Not to say that setting everything at 1 except sigils means you get only sigils but just to balance it a bit more towards what you need.

This way we can tune in drops to suit our personal needs without effecting everyone else.


This makes a ton of sense to me. Making consumables event-specific allows people to choose which event they want to open gold chests. That way, people who need shards won’t be upset that they were reduced in drops and those who don’t need them don’t have to get flooded with them all the time.
Now, if only we could figure out which event needs tower boosts… Oh wait, NONE OF THEM!! LOLOLOL
(That was meant to be funny, but seriously, for the 100th time, those should be in bronze chests ONLY)


Ice and Fire shards are just a way PG has to water down chests to make whales need more chests. Ice and Fire shards are suppose to be useless (also why Fire and Ice Flaks dont use them). No spender needs them. I can’t see them going anywhere soon. If they were to remove them they would need something else to water down chests. more tower boosts perhaps?

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