Simple suggestion to improve Atlas activity

Hi PG.
I believe you could spice up the action in Atlas if you would simply convert 50% of the NML to friendly zones on the north island.
There simply isn’t anywhere to safely stage attacks in the north island. This would make a massive difference to activity up there for very little effort whilst maintaining NML zones for the glory traders.

Sincerely an active pirate :pirate_flag:


Anyone know what the original intention of NOT implementing safe zones here was? I feel like there had to be a reason to purposely not include them. That being said, this would be a huge improvement IMO.


the original part of atlas map was only the top portion. Then last land release added the bottom portion.

Ahh, that makes sense.

Were things different back then? Because how does atlas work if you didn’t have a castle and there was no safe zone?

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there should be no safe zones, and no barracks. you should have to put all your troops on a primarch and park them all on active castles.

edit: if you have no castles, you’ll have to park on someone else’s

Could you start your own suggestion thread,

PS. I’d love to catch your primarch on a castle with 255k troops.

sorry, was just messing around.

PS: how would I ever get it up to 250K? doubt there’d be one one the board with more than 20K

I’ve never seen 255k but I’ve definitely seen primarchs with almost 170k
One of mine can carry 260k

Someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that you have that largely in reverse…the top was added in the last rollout (as well as some of the bottom). If I recall correctly, the idea was that there would be no safe haven at the top…if you go there, prepare to do battle. Of course, the flipside wasn’t considered - because of there being no staging area, unless you already have a castle there, no great battles can be fought, only sniping.


Opposite. :laughing:

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That’s close to how it was originally… it was a disaster. Barracks are needed… there should be a troops limit in my opinion though…

Max S2 taunters are 270k

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I meant in a world with no barracks or safe zones, where troops had to be created 12K at a time directly onto the primarch. could you ever get it to 250K without being attacked?

Was off topic, sorry.

You’ve seen how some castles are 14 bubbles deep right?

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Ah, I misunderstood your comment

I imagine though that there will be some people that can swing it for a while until their troop reserves run out (not that I’m in favour of this or anything)

Im fine with being wrong. I knew it was something like that tho.