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Could you please change the sigil cost for individual prizes into some semblance of order, they jump around like crazy. If you need one or 2 keys to claim mythic dragon, you end up sitting down and working your way through every prize on every branch counting up the sigil cost to get those keys.
Just make the cost for a row the same, so in row 1 for example every prize costs 200 sigils, row 3 every prize costs 300 etc
I’m not asking you to change the overall cost of a branch, that can stay as is. But I really don’t want to sit here with a pen and paper writing down costs per prize and adding it all up. Must be a simpler way.

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There are chart made by a great group that tells you how many sigils for each based in the branch. Its worth looking at.

It’s made by @Morreion its done very well.

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The issue here is the value of items contained within branch nodes. Evening out the sigil costs must lead to changing the quantities of goodies in those nodes as well. This will change what you get overall from claiming the whole branch.

In conjunction with your suggestion, do you have an outline of what you would like to receive overall for each individual item?

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No, not really but I’m sure the prizes could be structured so the sigils spent reflect the prizes. So the prizes are the same as now but are moved around so the better prizes are later in the branch.

I had a look at the web site you suggested and is very useful but still no where that will for instance tell me how many sigils is required to reach prize 44 of the Somnus branch in order to claim an ascension token. So you are forced to click on every prize from 1 to 44 in order to work out how many sigils you need.
It’s a small thing but it would make a huge difference.

But it does:

This is from the sheet on Strange Lands (fall 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet


Clearly I didn’t look properly, thank you for the info. Still think they could simplify it or maybe display the cost along with the prize number.

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