Single player wars

As a single player I think that when a war is declared it is unfairly biased against single player teams. A large team of very low level players automatically win without even attacking the other team. A single player should have the opportunity to attack all members of the other team and whoever wins the most battles wins the war.

That is not possible, dont you understand why ?
It is up to defencepoints isnt it ?

For example you are a level 500 and attack all by yourself… versus level 50-100 players… is that fair ?
Would disturb many people.

A team with more people have of course a advantage…
Defend better and fight for win instead of want a relaxed one.
Think again about and see why this is not really a helpfil suggestion of yours.

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If you think it’s bad now, imagine single teams with a level 600 player.

This is why it’s setup how it is. To not be would be much worse than giving a disadvantage to the smaller team.


A single player team… is NOT A TEAM! to begin with.

The current war system promotes team work, organisation, skills and proper communication, some ethics and so on.

If you can cook you know: you can’t make good soup from just 1 ingredient.


But you get Defense Points just for showing up to the dance. It does not matter if she is a level 2 going up against a 500.

you call that single player a team? This is a team game which demands 50 players per team, not just 50 players “needed”.
So you think with one player its ok to max out events and bully lower league fresh meat in every league that they go to?
I am not saying you should not make such team, but expecting to win a war with one player is like an I WIN button for free.

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This is just silly. I’ll free up a spot for you on my team, stop being a punching bag and come on by.

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Defense points counts if the obtained flames are equal for both team.
If a level 500 can attack as many as he can, it’s an obvious win for the giants, thus discouraging team play.

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You know, Luffy, It would be like sending a Meister Otome against an army of ordinary people.

It would be very boring for the Otome, defeating the significantly weaker is … searching for the right word… pitiable

From the Ordinary People’s point if view: “Ahh! It’s pointless. We can’t even scratch them! Let’s get the hell out of here, folks! :persevere:”


I kinda like this idea…seems fun haha

In a team oriented game this seems beyond pointless. Not only would you have no one to talk to but to not have any of the benefits from a team atmosphere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
There is no I in TEAM

Um, actually there is…



:joy: I suppose if you use a wonky font that’s true

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