Sintheia's Platinum to Obsidian Guide

I put this path together with the help of It’s a terrific site and I highly recommend it. My goal is to get to obsidian fast so I can level my divines. Please, let me know if you see errors or shorter, cheaper, paths. The “Value” column is how many egg tokens are saved by using 1 fragment. This chart starts with you having Cerbero, Mune, and Khrysosus.

First of all, welcome to the forum.
Second, Whats the purpose you are trying to achieve in your path? You only showed to the first Obsidian hunter, which is not the best one in the game btw :man_shrugging:. And you skipped out good hunter for sapphire

@TheRedDelilah can shine some light in this breeding path

What is your colour coding? Dragons in each tier are shown in multiple colours . It’s very confusing to understand.

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This is the exact path I built myself, I think there are a few more “discounts” but it’s a good path

The color coding helps identify where a specific dragon is bred and where it is later used. In my text above the chart I stated my goal is to level divines; the specific dragons bred are a means to that goal. A desired dragon not on the path could be back-bred cheaply later.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I’m working on Kyrule now. A teammate told me she had the three platinums this starts with so, I tied her current dragons into the path I took. I like the column I did to show where egg fragments are the most useful.

This is literally my Icicle 3 path step for step (which I recently retired since it’s not my cheapest path and it’s only saving grace was being cheap in the first place). It can be made cheaper by making it my icicle 4 path.

Also, Amoeba’s site is now out of date with costs and OP you need to update costs using - that’s what I’m working on myself.


Thanks Red, I hadn’t seen your live work, just older ones people passed around. Great job on everything you’ve done.

I would like to make a very important mention of your “value” column of your mystic fragments. While it is a true indication of breeds with one single child, it is incorrect for multiple dragons especially ones with different rarities that have different fragment requirements and are in different tiers.

It gets a bit complicated to say when to use frags and someone just looking at the chart would perhaps get the wrong impressions there.

On multiple breeds especially ones that combine rarities and cross tiers, I really recommend a manual analysis each and every time you want to spend frags to see if you are missing out on spare eggs for research, how many, and what your event is looking like at that point (assuming it’s during event).

Either way I just wanted to note that about your column and you may want to think about changing it to “varies” or “N/A” or something


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For each breeding listed to get the intended dragon, we have the number of egg tokens needed. We have the number of egg fragments needed to complete the desired egg. If you divide the first by the second, the result is how many egg tokens are saved for each fragment used. If you use a different breeding pair to get the desired dragon, use that number of tokens needed as the first number.

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