Sir names for dragon lords 400+

I belive everyone level 400+ should be given the opportunity to have a sir name! I personally think it would be very cool if this was possible another mile stone or achievement.

Do you mean like custom title in forum?

I dub thee SirxDarkBeastx


i’d agree… if it was raised upto 500 instead of 400.

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Agreed… lvl 400 with full of lvl 52 towers
Sir… U got a problem there :joy:

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Agreed maybe a certain level of builder hut and level 400+

No a sir name in game.

Nah, give it to people with over 150M medals. Actually earn it instead of being a lazy spender


xDarkBeastx Jones?

things are supposed to be earned with enough amount of money too though. unless u r not living in a capitalistic nation. :grin:

-though i already do have ~300m all-time medals on all of my mains. tee hee.

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Biggest bs, sorry, BS ever lol

WD is under attack by SIRxENTITLED.


Are we talking knighthood as is sir or you mean surname as in your last name ?

They need to bring back the days you could have you name like this


I shudder to think of the tongue, peach and water emojis that would let loose upon the world. I’ve been in some LC’s that only needed a bunch of dragon lords named with emojis like that to make them an official porn hub subsidiary.


Off topic: you have something against porn :thinking:

On topic: I don’t see why you would shudder at it, shoot the more unique I can make myself is this game the better I say.

You also seem a Dr of adventure, would you not venture into this :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a surname…but I prefer xGarakx.

If PG allowed spaces, my username would have been Liz Drakemoor instead of LizDrakemoor… I’ve already got a surname built into my user name :woman_shrugging:t2:


You’re just flouting the rules on no surnames by finding a loophole

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I wonder if Please Change kept his name. Including the space!!!

We are Dragon Lords. The nobility had surnames. I’m not breaking rules by that logic :joy: