Six Billion Attack Power

Saw this today and I haven’t seen anyone with an attack power over 1.6B until now. Is this legit?


Definitely something for us to look at. Thanks.


Thank you for such a swift response :flushed:. I had an feeling something wasn’t right!


Update: His Attack Power is now 8 Billion!

Maybe he has Kelvin :woman_shrugging:t3:


Haha, here let me just hit my spell flux… and BAM!

The cheating is getting out of control. And there is a very common theme in all these cheaters posted. PG better figure this out, and quickly.

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Could be a bug, there are documented cases of such. Lets not shout cheater before PG had a look

Really at first I saw it as a feat to hit that high of an attack power. Until I took a look at the best players in the world. Now his attack power is at 8 Billion, so imagine that. He was unboosted the whole time?

Ok. Maybe a bug here. But look at the general discussion forums. How many threads about cheaters with a similar looking profile.

PG is getting owned by cheaters, and it will kill the game very soon if not fixed. It’s already teetering if we’re going to be honest.

To be honest with you, I really hope he is a legitimate player and not a cheater. Like those players flagged as a level 200 but when you view their base they’re really a level 70. This is interesting I’ve never seen him attack. I can try to get him to, but idk if PG is doing anything, although PGJared did say they’d look into it. To be quite honest I was wondering if it was possible, I’ve never seen it before not until today it doesn’t seem like a glitch as the number changed this morning.

Attack power is super buggy. Mine has shown many times what it actually is (on my roster) on more than one occasion.

Personally I think it’s best to report this stuff in private because I think some cheaters are motivated by the attention they get. But also the last thing we need is a witch hunt, and outrage in numbers won’t really solve anything.

Probably he has all lvl 100 ballistas😂

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