Skarr Den Lock at level 84.. Can't upgrade him until base level is 30 levels higher at 114

I personally find it ridiculous to evolve Skarr when I reach level 84 and a den level 18 to gold, then I have to wait until level 114 to evolve him further as he requires Den level 23 to do anything more… and there’s no in-between… Every other event dragon gets to level up at Den level 19, Den level 20, Den level 21, Den level 22, but Skarr, nooo… we have to wait for level 23 Den and reach a level 114 base… That’s 30 base levels higher just to level this dragon… Someone please look into this… thanks

That’s because Skarr was from the first season and has less tiers to him. Just the way dragons from that Season are - they are already insanely good for their level so have fun.


It’s because they gave you all of the levels immediately when you hit 84. Would you rather they take 6 levels they give you and give you 1 per den upgrade?

They we’re super generous back then (and highly imbalanced) with their den cap unlocks and have gotten better with them over the seasons.


How long has it been since you played? :joy::joy: having skarr and only being lvl 84


Slow and steady :turtle:


I lost my iPad and bought a new one a year later… IPhone doesn’t do the game justice…

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