Skillzmaster event

How about a mini event that rewards mastering certain in-game skills.

There’s been a lot of emphasis recently on the forums about rewarding good flying and an event like this, even as a one-off might help achieve that. I appreciate it will be significantly easier for some than others.

I don’t know exactly how this would would work and whether players could, within the event, have access to dragons not in their roster but things like taking out high level perches on the turn using Ember, sanding/vining an entire base, blinking etc.

Feel free to add skills you feel would be helpful for the dragon flying community to learn.



:point_up_2:t2: For sure.
That one (5-6) definitely rewards real good flying skills.

I Imagine this bit getting shot-down:

They way I read this:

The player be presented with certain bases that require specific spells to be used to defeat.
e.g.1. this base can only be defeated with a dragon who uses cloak.
e.g.2. this base can only be defeated with a sorceror.

:flushed: Well, I missed things…

Assault is different as it’s more about using the skills to get around a base (it’s also arguably dependant on gear, runes, glyphs, riders etc.) . This would be more about learning the skills themselves, with just the dragon and a prepared base to allow for the skill to be learned/honed.

Maybe a series of increasingly difficult bases to use the skills too?

This sounds more like a set of tutorial bases than an event?

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To start with it absolutely would be a tutorial but then progress to more event based where the particular skill needs to be honed on different islands, different situations, i.e. turning a corner with a high level dragon on the perch, quick firing blue mage and flak with just ember, or something even more difficult, but doable for each dragon, or a specific dragon from each tier. I dunno, just spitballin’

I’m not sure how this could be both a tutorial and an event.

How would higher level players enjoy a tutorial as an event?

edit: I’m not trying to shoot you down. That happens a lot on this forum. I’m just delving for the information in your intent.


The tutorial could be the first level, higher levels could take or leave this part, maybe make it skippable but possible to return to, i.e. video tutorial illustrating skill, try the move in the video and then on to the event proper?

Then the levels beyond get progressively more difficult to complete whilst utilising the same skill/set of skills.

Not sure if it’s a tutorial or an event. Either way I’d really like it.