Skoll & Hati first impressions

Ok let me start with I absolutely love the look and feel of this dragon. It looks spectacular, by far the coolest dragon I have at level 95.
My S&H is level 10 green tier and I was clearing level 120 bases.
Have a feeling once I unlock gold tier this dragon will be much stronger.

The aesthetics:

Its like a mix between a Wolf head and a NineTails fox by the tail.
Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, a duality if you will.
The light dragon Skoll has angelic wings with golden runes glowing across them.
The dark dragon Hati looks as if it’s undead with large beautiful batwings and blue runes that can be easily seen in the wings and body.

How the dragon flies:

I am not dissapointed by any this duality duo overpowered? Absolutely not!
Best as I can tell is it’s weakness is rage drains and the blue mages.
After flying for about 100 runs I’ve found that it’s best to first basic flame attack in a burst until your empty on end of turn while coming up to the kill island focusing on Blue + Storm and a few into thier damage DF ect. Then after your quick burst of basics you should have storm and blue cleared up I then cast Soul Devour(Blue spell) which gives me back rage and health for every tower destroyed. Cast moonshroud just before Flaks hit you with SuperShot then cast Solar Volley and rapid 3 tap until you clear everything.
This is all done in rapid succession. All spells are cast just after in the order I described.

There may be a better way to do this but it’s what kept S&H alive through my flights. When I cast in different order he fell.

I’d say because of the weakness of Blue mages and Rage drains, this dragon is most likely a cleanup dragon and is quit capable of clearing a kill once Solar Volley (White spell) is cast together with Soul Devour ( Sustain + Rage fill) and Moonshroud ( Flak and elemental Invincibility).
These dragons has the potential to be very strong and is considerably difficult to fly and I feel it might take me a while to learn S&H and bring them to thier full potential but I love this dragon and will be useful for me at my level in many ways. Cleanup with style, chest and rss hunting and well as a great invader base drag and awesome to gather :eggtoken: or even clear a lower levels base.

I’m interested in hearing what others who have them think about S&H after flying them?

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There’s already a ongoing discussion thread that talks about Skoll & Hati. You may want to send your input there.


While I love that you are sharing your first impressions of this dragon, this post would be better served in the thread linked above. If we keep all discussions of Skoll and Hati in the same place, it will be easier for people to find the various and differing opinions on this pair of beautiful lupine dragon twins.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I will be closing this thread so we can continue the conversation in one place :slight_smile:

And thank you @Tacitium for linking the thread so I didn’t have to track it down :wink: