Slider bar to boost towers

Why on earth does the “boost” towers not have a slider bar instead of getting RSI tapping the button to get the full 14 days effect on each tower?


I’m really liking this suggestion!

Yup, hopefully this time will get PG’s attention as it’s been requested though not in its own thread AFAIK

Haha, bow down to my superior search skills

Jk, it’s been suggested multiple times, as well as a lefty setting, but they insist on rolling out unrequested net positive ux “improvements”.



Supposed to be working… My only excuse, however inadequate.

Because proper player experience doesn’t exist at PG :upside_down_face:
They named a whole department “PX” but they seem to have a very different understanding of it.

Funny thing is, I just recently realized they did put in some work and changed the message that pops up when maxing the boost at 14 days.
So apparently they have time to look at it and change some code but as always it’s half assed and they don’t understand the underlying problem with it :man_facepalming:

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Probably we’re the one misunderstood the meaning of PX…

A slider would be ideal, but if adding a new interface element like that would be tricky, just adding a new button for “add max boosts” would be almost as good and should be even less work to implement.

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That was Jared’s definition iirc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It can be one of these

  • Player Experience
  • Pocket Experience
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PX is just their player experience group/department. While it might be expected that their job is to improve player experience, in reality it’s more likely just awareness and control of player experience which generally should favor the business, which generally should follow improving player experience, but not necessarily. Somewhat like how when someone goes on a diet you assume it’s to eat less or healthier, but in reality a diet of junkfood is also a diet.


Or players are excrement…



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