Slot #2 VS hut size

I’m from beta times where we could unlock the 2nd slot by owning territory and leveling up the bank.

Now I have level 110-140 players saying they can’t unlock slot #2 to get their specialty primarch bc they can only hold 2.58 mil gold personally (needed is like 3.5mil?)

It did show that they could use rubies to purchase that extra 1 mil gold to open the slot tho.

Is this intended to hurt smaller players this way? I imagine when atlas goes to the platinum teams, majority of each team will be completely screwed bc they won’t be able to get any specialties :thinking:

Just remove all your troops from your Fighter and then research and summon a different primarch.

Argh we need a toggle switch :rofl: I’ll tell them to do that for now until they can get a big enough storage hut to run 2.
Thanks Red :kissing_heart:

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Red promotes sacrificing dragons… so mean. :see_no_evil:

PGEcho posted the info here:

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