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I’ve just started playing this game and this is my first event. Now for clarification I have figured out what I have to do and I know how to score points. The issue I’m having is there are so many players in my event at my level on the other teams that have either been banned or are inactive that for me to score any points is virtually impossible without support from my team to attack players much higher than me. Don’t get me wrong I have members in my team doing that and their great but it’s very frustrating that I have to reply on others to even progress in this game and can’t do anything for myself. After searching for an opponent for an hour clicking on a team, selecting the next victim, selecting the energy cost, start the load screen, watch it swap back to the loading event screen and back to the start is just not fun.
To be honest this is a reach out to see if anything is actually being done about this issue or not because if nothing is then I think I’m going to just quit.

Unfortunately this is a frequently asked question and PG don’t appear to have a change on the horizon.

Generally you’re doing the right thing, frustrating as it is. It’s better for you and your team if they can back you up while you attack higher level targets. In any event or war there’s a chance there won’t be a player you can handle by yourself; these are team games.

You’re more likely to encounter inactives in silver leagues or below, maybe even low gold league. A team or player that is active will want to get out of silver ASAP, either by success in events and wars or by jumping to a team already in a higher league.

PG, it really is a terrible newbie experience. If you could at least make the auto-kick work to get inactives off teams…

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Truth be told, no I doubt any change is or will be put in place. This will be very low priority for PG as are anything none Atlas related. That is all the are concerned with and has been this way since the launch.

I hope you stick around longer as I’m sure once you get stronger things will become less of a drag.

I’m sorry but that is probably the reality until you either level up to level 30-40+ or your team goes up a league

Just rise in the leagues to prevent that from happening. It stops when you reach gold 4. Most leagues under have many. So I would talk to the leader and consider league skipping. Do so many wars at once to advance faster through the leagues. When you league skip, you are with better teams that dont have inactive.

Progression is fast and easy when you start off. You’ll be past this in no time.

But yeah - the fact that inactive/banned players still appear in rosters at all is ridiculous.

Welcome to War Dragons!

It gets better (or maybe I am confusing this with another game).


It all depends on your definition of better. and who it is getting better for?

But a team with one high level and 49 inactives—such a good way to get into a higher league very quickly.

Win your attack (hit the weakest one, since they are all worth 5 flames, why risk 3 defenders) and then win have one defense more than the other team. So, at most, two.

You win every time.

Worst case, you tie.

And then you can start recruiting hard when you are ready to move into platinum.

Now… is this a “glitch” or a “hack” or just a clever way to use game mechanics to your advantage?

Personal opinion, given PG’s total lack of care on this one–clever use of mechanics.

Note, it does take a couple weeks to actually get the “inactive” status… and logging in for even a moment will reset that timer.

Now everyone can know. So, now it’s “fair.” :stuck_out_tongue:

So what you’re saying is, create 49 inactive unattackable alts to climb leagues?

If you were so inclined. Lol

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