Slow down connection when log in to the game

I got a problem with my game,since last 4 days(that time i got goda egg in the event,connection went down and say have update)after that i just can’t assist in attack,can’t defend,also hard to loading for evething and if i want to find opponent the connection getting slow,but for other usage in the phone,connection is good.when i try to assist or defend with others in my team its that no connection and directly rejected…also for others,who’s want to assist me,they got the same problem.

yep after the update the game has been rather slow, i don’t know if this is directly linked to the connection not being the best or the update directly effecting it. It could be a bit of both however the issue can be a pain sometimes.

Last night i got some pop-up, it say that graphic is high so i need to reduce to medium.then i change according to the info,and it’s help a little for now,what should i do next?

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