Slynx unavailable for a year

So I’ve realized lately it’s been challenging for me to start breeding really awesome dragons and recently noticed that all the dragons I don’t have are the ones I need to breed these awesome dragons. All of these unavailable dragons can be traced back to Slynx. I haven’t bred Slynx yet and I’m currently starting to breed in platinum. For the past year his egg shows that it’s available and ready to hatch. However, when I click on it to send it to the incubator, it simply says to keep breeding to get that egg. The color is full and I have the parents but it’s not letting me incubate. HELP!!

Pic of orange tier in breeding castle?

Also what do you see when you click on your incubator and hit incubate?

manual breed it and it only needs 1 fragment to complete it.

That’s a visual bug

Yes what does it show in the incubator?

Yes it’s in the castle

Can’t look in the incubator yet because I’m waiting for one to hatch

Tried manual and it didn’t work

Can you show a pic?

how many times did you do it? Also, it’s not a 100% guaranteed that you will get it if it has other eggs on the combination. You might try the 20 egg breed to get it fast.

Surely you have looked in the incubator at some point in the past year though?

I have tried in the incubator before but not for a while so I don’t remember what it says off hand. Thers a pic at the top of this post. I specifically remember breeding Slynx in the past and as soon as I got it I was unable to bring it to the incubator.

send a ticket to support so that they can take a look.

Well if you have an egg incubating already you can’t start another one until it is finished.

I can imagine loads of pain to get into platinum without slynx :crazy_face:

Not that bad is it? Red’s Best path only uses Slynx to breed Bronze, and getting Bronze in another way isn’t all that much more expensive.

It may well be, I only started using a breeding path on late gold tier :joy: I do remember to use slynx a lot though, maybe I went on a expensive path 🤷

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