Small Art Competition!


I like doing art- so I decided to see the community’s art.

Small art competition!

Draw a dragon, any dragon.

Must have proof: for example a WIP (Work in progress) picture.
Seriously. Don’t cheat.

1st Place- Request of drawing of any dragon!
2nd Place- Request of drawing of any divine dragon!
3rd Place- Request for a drawing of a red tier dragon! Lol.

Deadline is December 30th.
Good luck!


What are the prizes exactly? :thinking:


I draw them for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:


So by any dragon, do you mean any dragon in the game or any dragon that just comes to mind?


So, you want the community to draw a dragon? Then the winners get a prize drawing from you? Lol.




…I can draw, man.


My entry :partying_face:

Don’t fix the game!

you’re dabest artist ever


Should we wait for another appearance of the mythic dragon Fred? :eyes:


Funniest comment here :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think Warlords drawing printed on a 4’x8’ canvas should be top prize. That thing is true art. Nothing the OP can draw will top that.


Alright, feel free people!! Entries can be accepted now!



Thread can be closed :closed_lock_with_key:


Are you sure about that?


Yes. I’m sure nothing the Op can draw will enjoyed such a powerful emotional response from me.


-_- this was for an art competition, lol.


i’m going 2 crush da competition. wait on my submission. it will be very op.

gimme that red dragon art booty, pls.



In all seriousness, though, Whale’s not actually as ugly as yall say. Whale > Frost.


Is photo alright?

(well, cooked dragon…)