Small Art Competition!


Yayyyyyyy nice job everyone!:2nd_place_medal:


Yay! Thank you! :3rd_place_medal:


@Warlord @NightPheonix22 please PM me your prize request! Prizes are listed at the start of the topic/


What a sham. It was rigged from the beginning. :rofl:


Well LX there are days where you lose and days where the others win. :rofl:


How @MasterofJuno didn’t win is beyond me…


:eyes: Being curious with the prize…


I’m sure festive does count. @DefendedSkies? :eyes:


I don’t know. I requested Ember anyways


@DefendedSkies, here’s your prize: Ember!


I’ll be asking for an independent enquiry into the outcome. I waz robbed!!


@NightPheonix22 here’s your 2nd Place Prize: Neptus!


yay! thx @RiseOfVoltron ! It looks amazing! :grin:


We have an Artists of War Dragons Facebook page you can compete on. I hope to see you there.



@Warlord’s prize! Oni. The background is this:

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