Smartphone to play WD


…one of my devices is galaxy note 9, but then it’s way over 400 eur. :man_facepalming:t2:


Xiaomi Mi8 seems to have an ideal gaming hardware but i dont know if its compatible with the App ( and cost relatively little)


What about Pocophone F1 ?? It is available and compatible ??


poco F1 also have same GPU and CPU, but lower price , i still like ios


I saw OnePlus back there. I have the 3T and still runs ok while in medium with all extra details on :grin:


I know, but WAr Dragons will be available on Poco F1? That’s the dilemma


why not? its available if its available for other android mobiles in your country .


not necessarily: I have 3 Android devices within an arm’s reach, all operates with the same version of Oreo, yet the games are not supported by all of them.


at the end ill go for Xiaomi Mi 8 . I hope WD is available for it.


Orrrrrrrrr switch to apple :herb::eyes::herb:


give me money @RonnSnow also i have android and wont lose my account.
Xiaomi Mi8 cost about 400 eur. With 400 eur i can buy, maybe , an iPhone 5 lol


you can switch from Android to apple, its no issue.

also find a black market, somebody will sell them cheap :herb::eyes::herb:

Iphone 10 is 0 dollars here with 2 year contract :herb::eyes::herb:


i heard war dragons available in poco f1