Smelting of towers

Well with yet another new flax tower I had an idea. To bounce off all of you

Ice Victor


June 3rd 2018


As the game has grown over the years personal account size keeps growing. With the addition of of each new tower to the game, players store the old towers. These stored towers are taking up massive space on each account. Buy Finding a way to decrease player account size by smelting unused towers we can improve player account loading speed, and server crashes. Smelting can add a new strategy to the game while helping to improve the gaming environment.


Smelting is the removal of a defense tower from a players inventory.


Smelting takes place as part of the current Builders Hut. It follows the rules and operation already in place at the BUILDERS HUT just adds an option. (I.E. one smelting spot normal game operations, two smelting spots for VIP) So when you click on a current tower that is placed in your base you have these options. Upgrade, boost, store, and now smelt. By clicking smelt it displays a box similar to upgrading but says SMELTING. It also says how much time it will take and what the player receives for smelting said base. Both time and items received for smelting a tower is based on the current table for each base but doubles the received items, or gives two items depending on tower being smelted. This will encourage players to remove those unused towers. While maintaining a fair and balanced playing environment .

Example: lighting tower Lvl 22. To upgrade: 8 days and costs 252K wood. Smelting the same tower would show : 8 days and receive 508K wood.

If a player options to smelt a tower that uses specialty items like Ice Shards those speciality items will not be doubled but lumber will be added in its place.

Example. Ice turret lvl 26 Upgrade. 12 days cost of 1400 shards. Same lvl tower smelted. 12 days. Receive 1400 shards and the last wood used for lvling around 400K I think. But needs confirmed.




In Order to maintain smaller account size every few months I propose a smelting event. Where players smelt towers for milestones and prizes. Outline of event in process .


Shouldn’t smelting occur in the forge?

It could work as part of the fledge also but the forge has gear and boosts already. That is way I picked the builders hut. Plus smelting is almost the reverse of building a tower so I felt it kind off fit there

Use resources and speed ups to build towers we do not need while are in fortification so we have towers to destroy in a smelting event?

No. Just a waste in every aspect.

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I hear your point. Here doesn’t have to be an event for it . It was just a thought . But for me I can see a point where those lvl 200 plus guys have changed base design enough times that there storage unit is crazy with unused towers. I think it would be nice to get a little something back for them and help the game at the same time .

Then this becomes nothing more than a thread asking to be able to decon towers which other issues have been brought up with that topic before. It would also lead to pushing people to use this to prepare for fortification or even possible abuses if not thought out properly which could very well be why we do not have this.

Agree. This is kinda like the thread that talked about recycling towers.

This is IMO a very very minor bit of stored information that won’t affect loading speeds or negate server crashes.

The reason you are suggesting this is because you fcked up your base and want a way to fix it easily. Grow your base level, and these stored towers become less and less of a hindrance.

I don’t see the problem with people preparing for a fort event. atlas can only hold so much and give so much at one time. if you wish to try and defend your lumber that long have at it. it is a risk to max your lumber but anyways it puts all that lumber back into pvp so encourages people to fight to get it. if you pick to smelt to prepare. the end result is still the same less towers in a personal account means faster loading less crashes. and you still get something for a tower that you are not using anyways. the amount of items received for smelting is not so high that it makes it worth building them just to smelt them also. so there is no benefit in doing that . as you can not smelt during a fort event.

that is not the reason I brought it up. my base is fine. I think you need to look at the big picture tho it is not just one account that has the storage problem. if you smelt over all the accounts in the game that is big. look at some of those lvl 500 accounts and there storage. every little bit will help.

Very well thought out and proposed idea. I can see the pros and cons in what you are proposing as well as methods proposed in other forums but in my opinion, the amount received back for smelting would probably be as minimal as those received back in the process of salvaging. But then again, if that is true, what’s the harm in this ability if it does only give a minimal return?

I do know that my storage would breath a sigh of relief :see_no_evil:

I’m in no way the highest level bases in game but at lvl 436 I’d like to have this as an option as opposed to nothing.


Hmm, I fcked up my base by not leaving an empty spot for months for one of the new flaks that hadn’t been released yet?

They need a mechanic that allows you to play around with base design without overleveling your base. I would love to see whether certain setups would be improvements over what I currently use, but I really can’t because my base level would bloat.

I would also argue this isn’t cleaning up “easily” anyways, since you’re paying a lot in time or timers to basically destroy what you’ve built.

Personally, I would adjust this plan significantly:

  • Smelt times should be X% of build times
  • Smelted towers should put Y% of their XP into a pool that’s consumed as you build in the future. i.e., Y is 50, you smelt two lvl 30 towers, and you build a lvl 30 tower, you end up where you started.
  • I wouldn’t bother with recovering wood, though Z% of embers/shards would be nice to return.

X, Y, and Z should be tuned such that it still costs something to redesign, but is not nearly as prohibitive as it currently is.

Why? I got nothing to get rid of. Am i gonna be building random towers during fort to just smelt them later? that doesn’t seem practical.

I’m a bit confused why you should be getting anything back? let along double?


Lol you’ll need those levels tony when the next tier comes out and requires you to be level 500 to expert the mythics :rofl::rofl:

In the other thread, we’re complaining for lack of timers, and in this thread we’re suggesting to get more wood through burning timers? :thinking:

response to OP, not Napk1n.

When it comes to this question, I tend to stick to my original opinion:

Please no. Just no.

I empathise with those, who have boat loads of towers in storage - I have roughly 20 - but I am quite happy with those and have no intention of salvaging any like … ever. I had to shorten my base and focus on the small annoying island and the long killer island.

Yesterday I decided to establish a rage drain island. Checked what I had in storage, and used them. I was quite happy 1 fortification ago when I realized I have a fairly built storm on stock and swapped it with a less useful red mage. And I could go on with happy findings in my attic.

One day I may get to the point to expand my 2+1 islands even further, and then I can use half-built towers.

If we could destroy any towers, there would be people who “accidentally” destroy the wrong one, asking for reverse, rewind, or whatever it’s called… No. Bad idea. The game is great because there are so many different bases. Hitting always the same short (compact) bases is like

Atlas Invaders: Hardcore Mode

The Smelting Event idea is - trying to find a nice way to put it - bananas: 2 steps forward 1 step back? Knowing how sigil-hungry the seasons are, the bases would stay on the same level for eternity. I can hardly think of any way how it could be implemented in the game when it doesn’t require Mary123 to attack John728 for any reason. Or anyone else for that matter. 5 days of total boredom.

**EDIT: base level needs to increase in order to grow. It’s related to dragon levels, building caps, which is the soul of WarDragons: GROWING, getting better. Why do you want to destroy this by “maintaining smaller account size?”

Danke schön, but let this idea go down the drain, please.


I would like to thank everyone for the input today on the idea . Some off your comments make a lot of sense. I would agree now that having an event based on smelting is a vary bad thing as not everyone can be involved or it puts players in position of building to smelt.

My ideas was never designed to change your lvl or Xp. Also I beleave if that was the case things would go south really fast with players manipulating there lvl as an advantage In the game.

As for the question on why should we receive anything for smelting or the amount of compensation for the smelting I say this . The proposed amount is not set in stone. It was an arena to talk about . I think the amount proposed is in line with what already takes place in game with salvaging ruins or armor. The amount you are receiving is a mere fraction of what it took to get to that lvl anyway. So getting a little something back for a tower you are not using I don’t think is out of line.

Smelting of towers is optional not everyone will use it . Smelting is not more of a risk then salvaging a ruin or armor that you may or may not use in the future. But it would be nice to have the option For those that could use it. By haveing smelting not everyone will end up with the same bases . Every player can build as they seem fits there game play and style. But for those of use that change designs of bases based on new towers and dragons . This gives back a little amount of items to make those changes .

As it sits right now towers in storage have no value at all. A ruin has more valve being stored. A unused armor has more valve . As those items can be salvaged. Let’s bring those towers In line so they have valve and a use . At the same time lowering the account size .


With our current storage system, I’d say that smelting towers are useless, even wasting speedups…
Storing towers are counted, so by not having smelting tower feature, we will have more variation rather than having to build one from scratch again, if we ever need a tower.

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