SnapDragonz wants YOU!

Come join our family :hugs:

LFM – Sapphire 2-3SnapDragonz250+


Language: Must speak English
Time Zone: We’re from all over the wooooorld
Played time: preferably around a year
Age Range: 18 and up
Elite Account?: not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: at least emerald

About: We’re a very fun and active team that will treat you like family from the moment you step in the door :hugs: We do have some (very reasonable) minimums, as all teams do I’m sure.

-minimum of 6 gold runs per day
-must achieve points for the 7th team prize in events
-wars mandatory (of course, right?)
-quest participation mandatory
-must be active in atlas!!!

What’s in it for you?

-castles of every element
-over 1200 breeder tokens daily
-a very active and helpful team that wants to help you succeed

If this sounds like the place for you, come join us for a beer or a shot of tequila :wink: Message me in game (GlitterPrncess) and I’ll send you a shot on the house (clothes not required).