SnapDragonz wants YOU!

Come join our family :hugs:

LFM – Sapphire 2-3SnapDragonz250+


Language: Must speak English
Time Zone: We’re from all over the wooooorld
Played time: preferably around a year
Age Range: 18 and up
Elite Account?: not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: at least emerald

About: We’re a very fun and active team that will treat you like family from the moment you step in the door :hugs: We do have some (very reasonable) minimums, as all teams do I’m sure.

-minimum of 6 gold runs per day
-must achieve points for the 7th team prize in events
-wars mandatory (of course, right?)
-quest participation mandatory
-must be active in atlas!!!
-Edit: must be a team player i.e. only hit marked targets/don’t hit allies in pvp events!!!

What’s in it for you?

-castles of every element
-over 1500 breeder tokens daily
-a very active and helpful team that wants to help you succeed

If this sounds like the place for you, come join us for a beer or a shot of tequila :wink: Message me in game and I’ll send you a shot on the house (clothes not required).


4 spots available. Must be active in atlas!!!

Awesome hilarious team! Come fly around like a crazy person! Kill stuff!


Soooo much fun. Laughed myself a six pack


Yes You! We have…stuff! Yes stuff! Witty(ish) repartee! Never a dull moment…well, not too many dull moments.

This bump was in no way pressed upon me by the Queen, who may have said “Nobody ever comments on our recruiting posts! Go comment!” at some point, things are a little blurry.


pretending to apply to one’s own team I see :wink:

is it a valid recruiting tactic? who knows

that was a rhetorical question, fangsies knows

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No, no, I’m not pretending to apply.

The boss has got me just where they want me. I’m never getting out.




Actually she did just apply about a month or 2 ago :joy:and my exact words were “even platinum teams have replies. Do y’all read forums?” :rofl:


PS we also have AWESOME war calls where we get drunk and yell DEFENSE and say some dirtyyyyy things :see_no_evil:


Yeah yeah…and it was two weeks ago, although I know it must seem like years to you guys.

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A lovely Tuesday to come over to the flower side…we have bouquets of snapdragons and many terrible puns and whatnot :kissing_heart:

Are you still looking?

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We are! Please email GlitterPrncess in game, she’s our recruiter.

SnapDragonz is on the lookout!

Quests (they’re ridiculously easy, do all five), wars (don’t skip them), Atlas (fly around six times! Build some troops!), events (we all want the top team prize really bad).

The Toad is in charge of events, and the toad is terrible at motivational emails. Pretty Flyboy is in charge of pretty things and Glitter is in charge of stuff in general and she’s…terrifying. Rage is in charge of wars, because of course he is. Cray owns our dumb asses.

Come fly with us!

Toadkini pics BONUS



just curious. why 6?

It makes the bank happy :blush:

cool that y’all have a sentient bank

It’s all shiny and adorable :heart_eyes:

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Also, we all stand around in black turtlenecks and black trousers with creases and black berets as Glitter recites terrible poetry, then we all snap our fingers. It’s the origin of the name.

Snap snap snap
BeatnikDragons would’ve worked too :frog:


We have a unicorn. He’s the one in charge of the pretty things. He’s very pretty indeed.

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