Snipers getting out of hand

Is it me or has the amount of snipers increased lately? Most seem to be prate teams that either don’t have castles or have lvl 4 entrance castles. I don’t mind getting attacked but don’t be a coward and hide in safe zones come out and play.
There is a simple solution nuthatch would benefit PG, make the safe zones safe for only 12 hours, if you want more time you have to buy it. Tha,t way they can’t hide indefinitely. Or they will have to go out and buy or take a castle


Snipers have increased since last changes. PG evidently didn’t think through the consequences to the new changes, as it has done opposite of what they state their goals are.

We have had teams hitting with 500s hitting our poor under 200s just for the hell of it.


If more people are becoming atlas active due to these changes, I think that’s awesome and should be encouraged.

I don’t think that is the case though. More than likely, your team has not adjusted to the recent changes and has made themselves a target.


The holidays were a play in that too. More people on vacation or out of school.

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Oh no not another complain threat please


And how would that help? Will you search every SZ to find members of a specific team? How does the 12hr clock work? Because if it’s just being in the SZ then you could just move into a NML and then move back to the SZ to reset it. Plus not being protected by the SZ doesnt mean you’ll have troops on a prime. A sniper wouldnt bother putting any troops on their prime while at a SZ so best you could do is hit their 1 troop prime, assuming they even bother to summon it at all before sniping.

Sniping will never stop, PG promotes it too much with every change they make

Only way to discourage sniping is to make attackers lose similar amount of troops as defenders. If you want to kill 50k troops, you’ll need to sacrifice 40k of your own troops. No more 4K per primarch.

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Why should it? You have defense options, fort bonuses, snipe back. Also no one force you to load 40k.
If those things come into game/or sniping gets disabled, you can say good bye to the game you play cause a lot will quit game. Its allready on a heavy high rate with players leaving/ allmost ready to do it.


Many people are quitting the game because of sniping, I guess the game is doomed?

The defense options, and fort bonus are clearly not enough to discourage sniping. Something has to be done.

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You guys keep talking about sniping like you hate getting hit, but tell me – what else is there? What do you do in Atlas other than sniping that’s fun or rewarding? Do you not attack?


Then what if they do? U think it will fix the issues with Atlas. People will just do glory swaps only, dropping the cap on guard to 15k, raise kill cap for all prims was exactly against swapping. So you ask to make players swap with others rather than fight on castles?


You can fight beasts, attack other teams in an organized way.

Sniping is bullying because it’s high level farming low levels. It’s the equivalent of farming in regular mode. It’s allowed, but not welcomed.


Then again,its maybee 30% in the game that do big raids. With all the lag, no thank you. I never had 40k loaded, neither for offense or defense since i play lol.
Fight Beasts? For what? I only do the multis for gold, not for 1 single shard.


Sniping is too low risk right now. PG should encourage players to load more troops on there Prim.

Maybe a kill cap = your troop count if you Prim is not 50% loaded.

Anyway sniping needs to stop because it harms this game just like farming.

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No risk sniping? I dont know what kind of castles you hit, but those i do its a 50/50 if sucess or not. Also if your team cant affort the loses, then why keep trying to hold that castle? I see many teams with castles over there tier able to hold, should they hold it if cant defend against incoming attacks?

Keep sniping going on then. This game is dying anyway.

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Yet another person suggesting new rules just so they will never lose anything. :roll_eyes:


Can someone educate me why players are sniping?

Really?!! Not because of lags and bugs in game?!! Many play people quitting because they have lives out of game! So to stay in top ranked team it’s already hard to do because of policy and time of activity, so some jumps to pirate teams and other quitting.

They’re all sniping, but when it comes to their castles they start complaining!!

Where is the harm of it?!!
Is it war dragons? Or keep Your dragons away of my prims and castle?

  • More troops to revive
  • Easy to do
  • Having a diversity of primarchs
  • Better than doing it in NML

I guess the best thing they can do to make people less angry is to change the % of revival troops, and make it 90-100% even if the sniper did 5 flammes.

Only an opinion.