Snipers getting out of hand

For glory I believe that’s the only reason to kill troops other then defending a castle also anyone who has problems with loosing troops they can move to safe zone or join a non atlas team :rofl::facepunch::beer:


Your point #1 and #2 is correct provided that you get away with it and done it as fast possible.
Point #3 is only possible if there is no Taunter.
Point #4, if it is in Alegane yeah, given how the game lags.

I think this would still not deter anyone from sniping. Because no matter what happens, playing Atlas would need to get glory to progress up, and doing it by taking over a castle is a hassle.

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This too I think is the reason. FOR GLORY.
I would suggest to reduce if it cant eliminate is to create a Atlas PVP event. Maybe bring back the old “Kingpin” but modified with the current Atlas setting.

Point 3, you can kill the taunter, and you can kill every taunter they bring, people will get upset since they are the only ones losing troops in their team, so they stop bringing.

Point 4 : I made it because in nml everyone is a sniper, so the guy already hit someone else before you do on him, then he or she loses all their troops, and by the time you release that you get wiped out. Compared on a castle where troops cannot peekaboo.

Snipping will never be removed, and the last atlas update showed it. So the only thing that we can do is to see why people get upset when they get sniped… they lose their troops and they get bad glory, so at least by making the revival better, people will complain less.


Point #3 you said sniping gives you a diversity of primarchs but is not true since most castles right now have taunters parked on it.

As for #4, like I said, high activity NML lags so much. If there is no lags then maybe more players will go back swapping at Alegane.

And this idea is a win for PG and loss for the players (sniper and the ones getting sniped). If we really want to reduce the sniping, Atlas PVP should be reintroduced by PG.

I said if you kill the taunters over and over again, people stop bringing them and then you have access to diversity of primarchs.

What I meant is that I do agree with you on this point lol.

Good luck. I was trying to give a realistic solution that might happen. If you looking for something else give a solution, that will benefit both pg and players. Because for us this it is a game, but for pg it is a business.

Realistic but not ideal.

Maybe you missed this:

Snipe back lol


In the current atlas meta there is a zero risk / full reward setup for sniping. This is the biggest issue I see with sniping and needs to be changed.

What’s the best way to change the risk percentage you might ask though? I am not sure, but there are a few options I could think of that have been stated a million times before that would change the risk factor; like minimum amounts of troops prims have to carry before entering a castle, or delay timers before an enemy prim can attack castle owners or their 5ta.


That depends on the player/team. If I want zero risk, then I’m also getting 50% Glory, but I’m also not on a “pirate” team.

Right now the most time efficient ways of farming Glory are sniping and glory swapping. Big battles can be fun, but not great for Glory with the lag and a significant percent of attacks not counting (whatever the reason may be).

If we get rid of sniping, what’s left? Coop FarmDragonville.

Before any thought is given to punishing sniping, big battles need to be streamlined and not a waste of time for people making attacks which give 0 results. I don’t make attacks to flush my time down the toilet.

They could also add some type of Glory event. Players ante troops and randomly get matched against each other, each player gets 1 attack vs the other and Glory distributed accordingly. (Very rough idea but you get the point).

Please everyone stop thinking of ways to reduce sniping with the stick. Use the carrot of giving us better options and a better gaming experience, reduce sniping without punishing players.


I am a full on pirate sniper.Let’s get past the fact I’m a pirate/jerk/coward or whatever else.

Increasing the kill cap to 15k without considering the impact or making other intelligent adjustments was a bad move that makes things worse for the non fighters. Add this increased kill cap to the boredom most teams experience in the mega alliances and the fact that large raids in this game suck and it makes being a Pirate MORE appealing.


One thing I encountered on my old team is a large Atlas Alliance. Being on a Pirate Team helps A LOT. No major rules and the point of being a “Pirate” is to play for your own benefit,

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I am a proud pirate. I left the rat race because of the mega alliances. I got sick of losing all my troops from getting smashed by the dreaded alliance. I got sick of getting told who I could and couldn’t attack. Now I do what I want…it’s very liberating. I don’t however get castle guard g swaps, eggs, gold etc…Being a pirate sniper isn’t the problem, it’s a consequence of a bigger problem… and it’s a lonely life, but the rum is good :blush:


But even then 50% glory is “good” in terms of the risk. Since you will basically be guaranteed 90% revive on troops.

Would you prefer nothing but threads praising PG and their marvelous ways? Just curious


I like the Idea of sniping and pirate teams, but think there should be a way to hunt the pirates.

Additionally, glory should be adjusted so attacking at same or higher levels is the norm, not attacking down. I think if glory was more balanced, then sniping wouldn’t be the issue that it is.


In contrast, I’m not on a pirate team, but I can easily do near-zero-risk, 90-100% glory sniping. I’d honestly be able to do it even easier if I was affiliated with [other alliance]. I think you’re half-right, though. We need both carrot and stick to do things effectively.

Right now, the carrot and the stick are both too small. The benefits of big battles, like those of hitting up in rank/level, are minimal - high risk and unimpressive reward. Similarly, the risks, or disadvantages for sniping, like those for hitting way down, are relatively minimal. The solution is not to increase one OR the other, but to improve both. And realistically, to rework Atlas entirely to facilitate that, so that there aren’t so many choke points (access castles, taunters, etc.).


That’s what we are saying.
Many players writing about atlas as problem, lot of replies to “fix” atlas!! Is it broken? Lmao!!
Atlas designed as it is and PG not planning to fix it because it’s works well!!
Don’t have a castle? Make troops, organize a good team, make good alliances and go for it!
Someone attacks your castle? You have the DELAY to catch him, also you can enfeeble, not saying that your prim is already buffed in your castle!
Want a good glory? Organize a team glory war!
I’m impressed from this topic, if you’ve already parked your prim in your castle, which have a delay time, why you couldn’t catch em? Or u want to park your prim in castle with 0 guardians and be save?

What does the hell SNIPING mean? Someone attacks you while you’re away? Or bullying in atlas “which is normal by PG terms of atlas”? Park your prim in WL !! Can’t hold a castle? Leave it to those who can hold it!! Many of mates want the castle bonus without a headache! Lmao :laughing:
The only problem I see in atlas is bullying and mega alliances! But for PG it’s normal and nothing to deal with.

Can’t deal with pirate teams?!! Your mega alliances made them pirates, and I’m sure many of them wanted to hold a castle but they suffered from sniping!! Also they have their own problems to deal with!

Finally what I can say is just one thing: want something work hard to get it!!

Having every castle directly accessible would significantly reduce sniping on the same castles day in day out…
It would mean the biggest alliances couldn’t hide behind walls of meat shields and would need to actively defend themselves more… attack anyone anywhere anytime (except pvp events)

You could remove many/all of the safe zones and provide a base castle to every team that cannot be lost. Keep the random nml sites but remove the barrier of them surrounding huge areas of lands.
Aaannnddd right on cue as I was about to post this we are being sniped by the same team hidden away with no access castles that snipes us multiple times daily.


Sniping is not bad but current game mechanics which promotes hitting down low level is bad.

100% glory on public accessed castle level 4 team (irrespective of team atlas rank), game mega alliance, poor incentives for defence are some key problems.

Therefore propose some good solutions if you have instead of ragging about personal problem you face cause of sniping. Correct the direction but don’t break the road.

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