Sniping issues with game

I feel game needs a lot of changes before good players begin to quit game. pG needs to do something about all this sniping from players that hide behind castles if they want game to be fun again then availability to retaliate needs to be dealt with


uh snipe back or kill them first its very easy


what is atlas without sniping.


…shielded during PvP events :slight_smile:

It’s the good players that are sniping lol

Sniping is glory :heart_eyes:
Sniping is chests
Sniping is awesome! :laughing:

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Easy if you thrown thousands of dollars in already.

PG is not gonna do anything about it, because all spenders want (at least secretly) to have the freedom of sniping whenever they feel like it.

If PG do anything to limit their privilege (even they are not sniping currently), they will cry VERY loud.

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Tbh its not even a spending issue. The issues are so much more widespread than that. Some of the most effective things are low level minion teams and meatshields. Many of which dont really spend that much I would imagine but by creating swarms. So I dont think that is a spending issue.


spend thousands lmao most have in this game depending how long they have been here for starters secondly you can trap and they get pushed back to atlas screen causing you a chance to hit back so try again

so easy, huh?

Just push them back, kill them, oh so easy.

This morning a pirate came at us at 5am. I am sorry my team don’t have soooo many HYPER active players 24/7 to trap and kill him. It’s entirely our fault.

It’s also our fault that we are not all decked out 400+s with maxed gear, I get it.

Problem is we are lazy and poor, has nothing to do with the design of the game.

If you’re lazy and poor and don’t plan on changing then you have no reason to complain. Being a higher quality player means more commitment and dedication, and yes, sometimes means crawling out of bed in the early AM hours to defend a castle for an hour. But, thankfully, those days are few and far between.

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Lol a pirate says we shouldn’t complain.

Sure you can have your nice 8 hours of sleep, come to our castles whenever you feel like it, don’t worry about defending whatsoever. If someone defending, let’s see if Italians sleeping, or Koreans sleeping, easy glory, no mess, no fuss.

What a beautiful life been pirate.

who cares they bubble you when your sleep when your team gets active drop that bubble and fly hard dont be lazy aint do not have to be decked with 400+ players :roll_eyes: and its kinda your fault you dont got max elite or mythic gear

And if it is that early and you dont wanna get up it does not matter how many troops they bring if you cant kill them anyways

Exactly what I said. Of course it’s not design flaw of the game.

It is not a design flaw you choose to hold the castle there is no limit and shouldn’t be to how many troops you bring it is not hard to trap and kill off as he has to go thru multiple load screens :upside_down_face:

Wow, go through multiple load screens, that’s such a looooong time to respond, enough to fly my prim over, or line my teammates and explain to them, probably still have a spare time for a cup of coffee then?

And I am sorry for those pirates, the few seconds they wait screens to load must stressing them out. Let’s come up with idea make their life better, how about “taunters give 100% glory sound”

Lmao or u have a empty prim spot and load close :roll_eyes: if constant sniping as u claim they will be back and cant day you cant set home in safezone and summon its enough time to respond

Well right now its double glory LMAO and i mean i can come visit ya :grin:

You can come hit me as long as you like​:grin::grin::grin::grin:, that I don’t mind.

I gained over 1m glory yesterday, purely by taking hits in aligane.

Lmao well see how how much u gain :smiley: dont cry 500+ hitting now

Edit then can help your teammates out with glory to :laughing:

Feel free, you get about 0 glory, I get 100% revive

We go as long as you like

Unless im on a priate team :smile: :thinking: get nice glory then or send minions after you rank 1k+ each day haha plat3 societyofred :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :thinking: