Sniping issues with game

me I personally don’t care, there are few “minions” in the entire game you can send who can’t give me less than decent glory.

The game designing flaw allow sandbagging from lower ranked team just illustrated by you perfectly.

i can join what ever team i please lmao for one just cuz im 500 does not mean i have to be diamond lmao secondly your complaining of snipers yet u just stated u got good glory from nml and you would get good glory from me!!!
thirdly if you did not care why are you complaining?

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I care about my team, not all me me me.

I can get good glory because I worked hard, but I feel about lower level casual players and their pain.

And overall health of the game, I can walk away from this one, I put in only a couple hundred. You can enjoy hitting dead bases with your thousands investment if the game trending the way now. It will happen pretty soon.

but they get 100% revive right as u claimed above :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and its troop training and um pain haha :face_with_hand_over_mouth: what pain the pain they will get soon lol thru a alt :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

but what your saying is tho you should not be hit at all unless your awake pretty much comes to it sniping is not the issue period! the issue is you are sleeping when hit

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Fights should happen at castle through some sort of declaration, not anyone can hit anywhere accessible anytime, sometimes even from your extended alliance.

Well admit it, the system have a ton of flaws… everyone knows about it.

Btw I moved my prim to aligane, come hit me plz

umm it is any time anywhere atlas is a free for all as stated when they released it thus is reasoning behind bubbles so you can drop and fight when your ready unless u let time drop down

ill drop by your castle dont trip

Then go be a pirate if it’s so great and get off your soap box? We play the game just like you do, sorry if they’re more efficient?

P.S. : I’m an alliance player now?

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That’s something called been sarcastic…

Ps the second I left we got raider by some Japanese… has to go back defending.

Go read the crusades idea… there’s your ‘declaration of castle war’. Go support that proposal and idea.

As for only declaring battles for getting glory, that idea was heavily opposed as a majority of players liked atlas being open world and free.

I doubt your presence on the team has any correlation to being raided by other players, especially if you’re as small as you claim to be.

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Been small sometimes deter pirates better.

They want to reach our guards, but not economical if they have to go through me, a combination of high defense and low level.:grin::grin:

Of course been 500+ does the same thing, but too expensive for me

About the crusade, it’s in the infancy, and you know, as humans, we scared to unknowns.

But has to admit free for all is not great either. The game is losing mostly casual player base, guess why? PG cater to elites. Simple and easy.

I actually really like the crusades idea. It means pirates will get castles too :wink:


Well I am throwing my prim to aligane again, then I am logging off, plenty of errands to run.

By the time I get back, there should be 1100 more chests foe me​:grin::grin::grin:

Sorry but if you’re one of the only ones left to get to castle guards, your primarch is getting wiped even if that means shit glory for me just to get nice glory.

80k troops on a 970 defense trapper…

If wipe me make sense for you, go ahead, and I have reserve if I am awake.

Btw I am very low level too, you won’t get much wiping my 80k.

That’s fine. I can still get to guards when I feel like it.

Of course money talks, i understand that.

If something beyond my ability happens, I won’t spend a ton to be the savior

  • Sniping is fine
  • Sniping should be removed (or discouraged, whatever)
  • I just want to see the results

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Not about money its a free world n everyone loves it so when we cant declare we can smack ya in atlas