Snow Blind not always working?


So myself and a teammate have noticed Snow Blind isn’t always working on Gunnar. In the last couple days we’ve both been shot down by towers we’ve frozen. It also seems to happen more often when a defender joins the flight too.
Is anyone else having this problem?


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I’ve had this problem a lot. It’s one of the reasons I stopped flying gunnar (that and I just think he’s a boring dragon in general). It happens pretty regularly tbh

Snowblind freeze on tap, not by projectile

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I know. I tapped the buildings, they have ice on them and STILL fire

Any video for this?
Just for it to be recreated (I just tried Gunnar v.s. Invader, and it works fine)

Not at present, but I can try a few runs and see if it happens


guessing it’s fire turret? Is it the special attack? I know that they can’t be cancelled unless destroyed.

No. Unlike stun / disable, freeze stop tower attack.


Or it’s meant to anyway

Mine doesn’t work when there was an ice flak in the island, specially when there is/are defenders.

I’ve flown him a lot the last couple of days, and haven’t noticed anything unusual.

He’s not my favourite dragon but unlike nec/noc/hau he’s fast, you don’t have to plan ahead of time and you can usually get away with making stupid mistakes (which happens a lot).


So freeze basically has 2 defects Atm.
1st is that it’s unable to freeze frozen tower after a certain amount of time.
2nd is (and this is similar to pathox’s passive not applying on the turn) Gunnar has to be completely facing the island before the freeze will apply. Else it will:
a) not apply at all
b) give the visual effect of applying (towers will have the ice around them) but they aren’t actually frozen.

The work around is wait till towers fire to tap on the towers since they freeze on the tap and not when the shot lands. This will also freeze the shot in the air.

Example A:

And B:

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I wonder if it happens because Snowblind is derived from Malefic Breath (similar to Nollaig)
Does this happen with Kaiji too?

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:thinking: now that you mention it, it test fly my gunnar and find out what OP means, maybe im not just paying enough attention :woozy_face:

It happens all the time with Hau, the building appears sanded, so I ignore it and I get a nasty surprise and die a few seconds later. A game glitch, maybe once in every 10 attacks I see this glitch.

It has a range for the freeze. I use him on invader enough to see it multiple times a day.

It’s not because the buildings are out of range. They are well within range and even have the visual of being frozen. They just aren’t.

Any video of this happening? I’ve not seen this happen at all in quite a few Gunnar runs.

I noticed this too and usually tap snow blind early as I’m turning or waiting for shots to fire and stopping them mid-air

Posted 2 in my response.