So Assault still has weird point awarding

Ok so yeah I’m trying to figure out how the heck to get max points on a base. The pictures are of Garnet tier.

The dragon I’m attacking with is:
-the first level of the lowest tier I can attack Garnet with (so Saph)
-no rider
-no runes
-I’m using 1 dragon
-no boosts

And I’m still getting really bad points. How the heck are there people chilling with 1944 points??? My dragon literally can not get any weaker that it is and still can’t get that high. Explanation?

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Had hauhzen level 1. Mordred was all I really needed for awhile and hauh was slow in atlas so didn’t level him. Those points also are probably only likely around green and lower. The bases become easier relative to dragon ap as the dragon tiers go up.

Based on Taco ‘s given equation , unless you used dragon(s) with combined AP lower or equal to 2.77m (For Garnet), there is no other way you can score maxed point.

Could be research. Other people might have had less research into +Dragon related stuff.

So u r using Hau 2? For like Saph tier I’m guessing that you’re using a Plat tier Zen?

I used a Plat tier Cal with no boosts, no rider, no runes, and the first level of Plat tier so the weakest it can possibly be against a Saph base.

Did you use like frickin Jagra or something?

What in tarnation…there’s not a single lineage dragon that has low enough ap to do that lol

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Just zen the whole way through. I honestly wish they’d make it lineage so it’s fair to everyone. People always use a mythic that’s saved up like we’re doing lol.


I would love a just linage competition
It will be more fun
I tried to use as many linage as possible so i can test what my teammates can do when they don’t have the specific dragon that i have


Probably research. I use the same naked dragon since garnet (didn’t notice I have a wisdom rune on it until garnet…). But still 2~5 pts from the highest record in emerald and obsidian.

I still trying to figure out how you have 10 points more than me in gold lol

That’s actually very good flying then I have yet too try using Dross too set it up for Hauheset

Beside that, on a same table for all… means to disable research, or enable for all. That would be overall more fair…

And if only lineage, it should be open for all then. Means if you are at Tier X, you have access to all dragons there , without runes.


This will makes it completely of skill
But full research is better cause rage research


Those would be so nice to have… :disappointed:

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Im not talking about the vanguard research
Just give people 5 rage ( the start with x rage something)
Imagine facing a max base with zero rage :confounded:

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I used Lvl6 Hueso in Orange Tier. No boosts, no runes and glyphs, no riders.
In 1 and 2, I was able to clear it even using the auto battle mode. :rofl:

Compared to Lineage dragons, Divine dragons are too easy.
I personally agree with Lineage only, but some people may not be able to clear it. I think it would be fairer to add bonus points when using only Lineage.

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I’d agree to that if only expert dragons can participate. That way it’s pretty much everyone has an even ground outside of research


Then people with lvl 1 hau, lvl1 Nier and low lvl noctua will cry :rofl:

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I do obsidian with lv 1 nier lol
Im sweating

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