So Avyx vs Equestor?

Looking for some discussion on the pros and cons of these dragons at sapphire level. Avyx looks like a promising hunter, that said he’s quite generic. Seems to me he’s the standard model of what a hunter should be.

Equestor definitely seems like an interesting sorcerer, seems to me like he can make quick work of some undefended bases with quick rage regeneration, constant dmg from his youngling, and quick strike ability using lightning, then add the extra fun of his extract. Overall a good dragon

What the best flyers like is control. Avyx gives that, Equestor pisses in the wind.


You’re going to get an overwhelming vote for Avyx. Equestor looks fun a la Kinn but Avyx looks good. I thought I was going to avoid Avyx strictly because as you said he looks “generic” in terms of spells. But what’s wrong with that?

After watching my base eat Equestor for breakfast lunch and dinner every time they attack I’ll be going Avyx. Only time Equestor makes a dent is undefended and no supershots go off and they just thunderbolt 3 times to make said dent.

Kinn is great for giving people xp runs and great when there is a glaring weakness in someone’s base, and my hunch is Equestor is similar in that regard. I don’t know your style or desired level of gameplay but I’d have to say Avyx if you want what is purely the better dragon.

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Yea I figured avyx was the better dragon, but which is more fun. Also I have borgian which can benefit from Equestors runes, so that’s another part of it. If I didn’t have Borgian I’d be going avyx for sure. Next breeding event I’ll have my divines capped until I can start breeding garnet maybe in the summer. I mostly like hunters but borgian is still fun to fly so I just want a decent enough dragon that’s fun to fly and can clear undefended bases easy enough

For the record I’m only speaking on behalf of feedback I’ve gotten from other players and watching Equestors of higher tier than me attack my base. For whatever reason I haven’t had an Avyx attack me yet, but about a billion Equestors (which is kind of odd since Avyx is much better suited to hit my base).

Now it depends on your level and what you need for your Roster. Equestor is spam king ( pre-charge thunderbolt and spam) with crazy rage regeneration. So either you kill the base very fast or die very fast. Nothing in between.
If you have Borgian and you are sure that you won’t reach obsidian anytime soon, Equestor seems to be decent choice.
As for Avyx, i can only speak of hearsay as i never flew it. But it seems to be decent after it gets to gold due to its spells and Ice turret resist

Lol yea I’m currently working on sekhem for my second sapphire so obsidian is a long ways off

I typically get enough sigil s to finish a tier. Right now I can get the platinum stone for one of them

Honestly unless you have some sort of hatred towards hunters and can’t fly them I’d go Avyx…but can always keep being patient. Maybe someone high tier with Equestor can weigh in on their thoughts on that dragon.

Avyx : because I’m flying him.

I like Equestors concept but the randomness of the spell you get is easily frustrating!
Even if you target a tower that damn familiar tends to go after the most useless buildings first!
So you have little to no control of this dragon which is sad.

Avyx looks good, I flew him on my mini account and he definitely is powerful, but when someone hits my main’s base with Avyx, they loose him. Blue mages block his strongest spells, while Equestor is amazing with his white lighting(which can’t be stopped) that allows me to clear an enemy island in three seconds, overall, Equestor wins me over, he’s my favorite sorcerer to fly and is pretty easy to fly!


If you’re fighting competitively against defense you probably won’t be getting very many thunderbolt shots off, just throwing that out there.

true, but i found a few ways to beat the defense problem, though its not always easy

With no rage?

i mean before i lose my rage, i keep a lightning bolt ready before i reach the next island. not to mention i always keep a choice spell that’s a shield just in case

He can precast lightning - but after that cast he’s got nothing. On a mage farm he’ll need to decide if he wants to destroy the mages, or leave them for follower. In either case he can’t solo a defended mage farm base by precasting lightning.

Ah right, so 1 lightning ready and no rage to do anything else.

that’s why it’s sometimes best to bring in a teammate to help, I do it all the time just in case it happens.

Yeah the problem then is that your equestor, with no rage, will drop on the turn - yes you can fire off the lightning but that can’t beat hammer spam.

Then your follower still has a mage farm to deal with - so no rage either and drops on the turn. :man_shrugging:

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true, but that’s why equestor has the familiar to help with the damage.

Equestor has 20% damage reduction - Kinnarus has 33%. Kinn drops, so does equestor :wink: