So Avyx vs Equestor?


Ya know what would be cool for a familiar drag, being able to select its priority, especially on a drag like equestor.


agree, that would be awesome


I agree, but I’d still be leaving the top 3 targets as they are :man_shrugging:


Yea it’s top 3 choices are pretty solid but I would put archers as #1 for some southern cross action


true that though


If that archer is protected by a storm tower you are dead.


not unless you’ve got earthquake ready and the red mages destroyed, or pretty much any offensive spell that’s op or very powerful


How would you have earthquake ready when you are going after southern cross, and how would the red mage be destroyed as it’s protected by a storm?


destroy the correct tower before the archer and use the spell before you destroy the archer quickly


With archer first he would be an awesome cleanup dragon


Avyx is dead if there’s blue mages, he can’t use cloak to hide or talon frenzy to boost his damage and destroy towers quicker


Even if all those unlikely things happened, earthquake has a cooldown and you’d get no spell for killing the archer. The dodo is going to kill a tower before you can take out others with just regular sorcerer attacks (except for your dodo, as it is attacking a tower being protected by a storm tower).


therefore equestor is better since he was a white spell


it’s actually not a dodo it’s a skeletal lightning familiar dragon


Dodo is way easier to type.


Semantics …


Next is what is your target for divines this season?
Is it for fun flying or to kill heavy bases in war?
If its fun flying, I would take equestor.
For technical, more complicated and war focused dragon, I would go for Avyx.
Hunters rule in wars :man_shrugging:
But in the end its really what you want! And Avyx is not generic. Talon frenzy with Mythic rune gives 80% boost to attack at one rage. And he’s standard model of what SOLID hunter should be.


don’t forget, cought blue mages cought


I’m not going to get into that too much but remember mages in general cough.


Blue mages suck but there are some work arounds, as you turn an island you can precharge talon or similar spell and kill the mage tower