So Avyx vs Equestor?


but then what if there are distraction, heavy damage dealing towers like flaks and you can’t focuse on the mages then, huh?


I guess the real question is then, is avyx better than Borgian at sapphire or garnet. I’m sure his AP will be a little higher but will it make that much of a difference


Then your Equestor is very dead, very fast lol. Thank you for proving my point.


that’s for avyx, equestor could have a choice spell which is a shield equipped and soar right through


Then you kill the high dmg first and suffer the rage, there is no perfect dragon…making it a white spell would be awesome though


okay, the hunter wins this season but mark my words the sorcerer will win next season!


Sorc never wins lol…although I will say I got 27% on the 1.05billion defense base with a level 32 spindra :eyes::sweat_smile:


What shield is going to soar you right through a bunch of blue mages?


sorcerer actually does win sometimes, hunters have limited shots per round and warriors have a continous flamethrower that’s easily countered.


red shield, sherlock


case closed!


Touche :+1::v::v:


end of discussion!


What red shield?


case closed


the end, final, finito!


Not gonna touch AP because that’s not the bar. If you encounter high level farms, Avyx can kill them much easier than Borgian. That being said, it really depends on your play style. For a relatively less competitive scenario i would say Borgian wins due to Thunderbolt.


Seriously, what level are you that you say sorcerer wins on defended bases?
I can understand Sorcerers are fun and you love them ( also great on undefended bases) , but on a decent well defended base, sorcerer falls!
End of discussion!


I got equestor just for the fun of having white lightning. He’s a decent cleanup after I prep a high base with Necryx. I’m not good with hunters… yet so I wanted something fun. Being 114 and in gold league I come across some bad bases in events so he’s useful. Love it when I get southern cross. Such a fun spell. Hate that an extracted red lightning disables the white lightning though.

On that note since I’ve gotten better with Necryx I use my Kinn less and drakius never gets used anymore unless I’m backing a really low level on a lower base.


Simple summary:

Avyx is much much much better vs defended bases.
Equestor is good if you vastly overpower the base
Both are fun but different


  • Avyx is a great dragon for ppl wanting to learn how to hunter
  • healing mark runes are important
  • 1 rage spell makes him hit 2 tiers above his grade
  • equestor takes 3 thunder at expert to drop a undefended lvl60, 4-5 if shield consumable