So Avyx vs Equestor?


I love your opinions, and I really want someone in other levels with accurate description the way you provide. Unfortunately we are not even remotely close to max dragons, so idk if the experience will be exactly similar at medium, low, and much lower levels. Some insight at lower levels, if you have alt would be great :wink:


Leos FTW. Haven’t u guys watched animal planet? Lions are way more dominant than horses and birds :smirk:


Not me…I want a penguin dragon. Silly goose,don’t u know penguins eat dragons? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Is he perfect, obviously not, but you pretty much summed it up :+1::grinning:

That said, Equestor looks like hes really fun to fly.


Look into Donivalis for your penguin dragon :slight_smile:

Avyx for sure. She’s a perfect follow for Necryx, and if you’re fast enough, she can lead as well. Precision control and crazy DPS. What more could you want from a hunter?


Clearly, you haven’t seen videos of golden eagles attacking bears lol. If lions lived in the same environment as the golden eagles, I’m sure those birds would harass the cats too :laughing:


Will Second @xTirialx avyx at high levels is a perfect follow up dragon. Especially on a well sanded base with high level farms. I have yet to be successfully attacked by equestor, and regardless of white lightning, it’s dead on a defended base


Avyx has more control with its damage spell making it a much better follow dragon IMO. but if you are in Emerald i suppose borg is better. Avyx hands down in Obsidian obviously.


How could this even be a discussion! Equestor has auto minion. He is the winner…always and forever.


I have very good control over Equestor. Thunderbolt lets u choose the spell…never had a conflict with Familiar


Leos, sucks! His spells are weak and this article isn’t on Leos, it’s on Equestor and Avyx!


@Panda - I can’t read sarcasm very well, but I think I saw it in your message. :sweat_smile:


Stop trolling Panda!!! :rofl:


You’ll have to enlighten me then - how do you choose the extracted spell from the thunderbolt?


You have Equestor? All I do is as soon as I hit an island, use thunderbolt. The tower that u tap on, is always the tower that gets hit by thunderbolt first.


Avyx - He has all of the key abilities required for a hunter. This makes him a very solid choice. His main drawback is that he has no white abilities, so he has to be able to blow through the island and recover on the back half with healing mark (should be glyphing for this ability).

Equestor - thunderbolt is a fun little spell and the extra rage generation of the lightning familiar will allow you to cast this pretty regularly. That being said her other abilities are a total crap shoot and not dependable. She might be fun to mess with, but in the end she’s simply not going to make for a very good dragon.

Leos - In the early levels where Warriors actually shine, you may very well find him useful. But he will lose power as you continue to level him and the balance shifts in the favor of hunters. His high health pool and solid resists, and shield with a big heal will make him fairly useful, but not perfect. He would probably be my second choice.

Avyx > Leos > Equestor

Note: Just to be clear I do not recommend ANY of the dragons this season. I would actually recommend picking up one of the riders instead. While the rider may not be instantly valuable if you are lacking dragons, they will provide a boost to ANY dragon of the right spell type for you in the future. You’re at sapphire right now, and a max rider with max gear is going to take you up to just short of garnet strength. However, as you continue to level your dragons your rider can always stay with, and will have value even once you get into Obsidian tier as you can simply move him to a new dragon once your existing dragon becomes obsolete.


If this is true (I don’t have the spell) then it certainly works differently than chain lightning in that regard.


Thunderbolt is different than Chain-lightning in several regards.

  • It hits fewer tower
  • It does less damage
  • Its White so it ignores mage towers
  • It is not boosted by research

Don’t get me wrong, its still a very nice spell, but it has several drawbacks that don’t exist for chain-lightning (for example if it chains to one of the monuments you will miss at least one tower). Chain-lightning does more damage, so it just about one shots everything it hits (assuming same level dragon and towers), and since it is boosted by research it bounces something like 7x, so it doesn’t matter if it hits a monument or not it still has enough bounces to hit an entire 5 tower island. But because of the reduced damage of thunderbolt, its not quite enough to one shot the towers, and because of that if the base is defended with hammer spammers you will not be able to kill the towers with it as they’ll instantly heal the tower back up to full. So just keep in mind that its not a perfect ability.

Most of the dragons this season are usable, but none of them other than Neptus are actually going to be “GOOD” dragons in my opinion. So if you have a gaping hole in your lineup that you need to fill, you can do so with these dragons, but IMO you’re better off picking up one of the riders now, and waiting till next season to see what dragon options there will be. Obviously that won’t help you for this season unless you already have a good dragon of the correct element to match with one of the riders (Kinnarus is good for Kayla, we don’t know what element the other rider is yet). The benefit to the riders is that they don’t just benefit you for these dragons. They will benefit you in the future as well for any dragon of that element type (Kayla is Wind, Grogg is Dark).

Dragons - pick one if you need a short term investment, Avyx would probably the best best option, but that may also depend on exactly what your needs are.

Rider - This is probably the best long term investment. The downside is that it has no short term benefit unless you already have a matching dragon (kinnarus probably being the best option at the moment).


I have that monument issue with chain lightning sometimes, too (stopping the spell from continuing), though other times monuments don’t halt the spell. Does thunderbolt (with extract essence) automatically extract the spell of the tower you cast on? With chain lightning it does not.


The problem with extract essence is that it rewards you based on the first tower you kill, but you can’t typically control the first tower you kill…

  • Lightning Familiar auto-attacks towers in a very specific order Storm > Blue Mage > Red Mage, etc… So depending on the available towers he will automatically attack the Storm first (which actually isn’t a bad one), but if there is no Storm tower, then the next one he will attack is the Blue Mage, then the Red, etc… You have no real control over that.

  • The second issue is that Thunderbolt chains to a bunch of towers. The tower that dies first gives you the reward, so lets say they want to screw with you they could put in a level 1 trebuchet, or whatever tower gives you the worst ability (at least several levels lower than the other towers). And whenever you cast thunderbolt, that will be the first tower to die, not whatever other tower you actually had plans to kill for the bonus.