So Avyx vs Equestor?


Hunters got slow normal attack now. This would make Avyx not as good. I say go with Equestor.


I was replying above to the person saying that Thunderbolt lets you choose the spell (that extract essence gives you). That’s why I asked if it’s different from chain lightning in that regard.


No, sorry. I suspect his theory is that by selecting the first tower you hit with thunderbolt, you can control the tower that is destroyed first, but that’s simply not accurate. It might give you slightly better odds of getting the desired spell, but as I mentioned previously the tower levels and your minion are both going to be much more significant factors in which towers actually die first.


Can we also now add gladicus to this discussion? Where does he fit into this ranking?


Not worth adding. Leos would be better add


You’ll have to wait for anyone that gets him and actually uses him as something other than a path to the mythic hunter…don’t hold your breath.


I agree with Luffy, Leos IMO would be the better option. That’s not to say Gladicus would be absolutely horrible, but I think overall you get a better skill set with Leos, no reason IMO to consider Gladicus over Leos.

Leo’s // Lions Rage // Blazing Shield // Dark Flak Resist // Spitfire Turret Resist
Gladicus // Shield Assault // Rejuvenate // Seismic Screech // Dark Flak Resist

Dark Flak Resist: They both have this ability, so lets throw this one out of the mix.
DPS: Lions Rage vs Seismic Screech, while neither one of these are ideal, Lions Rage is passive, and likely better damage in the end.
Shield: Blazing Shield vs Shield Assault + Rejuvenate. Blazing shield basically combines the benefits of both of the abilities offered by Gladicus, basically giving him +1 ability slot that can now be filled with something else.
Spitfire turret resist: This is basically a free ability above and beyond what Gladicus can offer due to the fact that Blazing Shield is dual functionality in a single ability where it takes two abilities for Gladicus (and will cost more rage since they are separate abilities). Having dual resistances also gives you the ability to use one of your item slots for a 3rd resistance, giving Leos the possibility to counter the 3 top damage dealing towers in the game if needed.

IMO not really a good comparison, Leos just has a significant advantage over Gladicus, so if you wanted to pick up a warrior I would recommend Leos over Gladicus. But just to be clear, Leos would not be my first choice either.


And to add to what Hostage67 says:

  • lions rage gives Leos a 60% continuous attack boost once he gets first time under 55% and keeps it till the end, no matter if he heals himself to 100%
  • seismic screech is, I think, doing 40% damage to towers but costs one rage

So yes, I think Leos is better than Gladicus.


Neptus - just in case you wanted to include him in the mix…
I think Neptus will actually be a very good dragon. If you do end up unlocking him I suspect he will end up being very powerful. The main drawback to Neptus however, is purely his Cost. The cost to unlock him is so absurd that I don’t think you’ll see very much of this dragon in the future, but when you do, you’ll have reason to fear.

So if you don’t mind the cost, then Neptus would be the only dragon I would actually consider this season. But its purely for cost reasons that I wouldn’t recommend him. But his white Tidal Surge does so much damage that it’s basically a white Death Gaze that costs one rage, and adds a minor heal to it as well. That ability alone will set him far apart from any other dragons this season. But his other abilities actually aren’t bad either.


Avyx = great; Equestor fun but not as good as Avyx. Nice for rss runs though, sort of autopilot mode.

Can’t comment on warriors as I don’t fly those at all anymore

Neptune: Mine’s still small (30 now), but lots of fun. Has different evolve stone requirements than other divines, so not sure how that will effect him level capping for low level players.

his white umbral spike is nice. Locked down to 1200% dmg, so not ember - aka low level player cant DG high level base. But it allows an interesting playstyle (if it was red this dragon would be rubbish). Has a long cooldown (roughly 4-5 seconds).


Hugin is the minion, just saying.


Frozen tomb can be the only one.


Equestor is fun to fly, but you have no control over the next EE spell.
So I fly him like a sorc with no shield, Hugin the minion protects only a little( more distraction then protection) and just try to kill everything as fast as I can before it hits me.

Avyx is a hunter in its most pure form, good drag, but you need to be able to handle him.

Leos looks good in theory, but I have not seen him preform well in real battles.


This is a very good synopsis of this season’s Warriors. Only thing I would add is that in Gladicus you have a place to dump those nagging Rejuvenate glyphs you cannot use anywhere else.


agreed. For those in lower leagues the Rider is by far the best choice as i imagine you already have enough season dragons. riders are universally useful.

Avyx is a better version of Borg. excellent dragon in obsidian but for most Borg will do perfectly fine for now. If you are one of the ones that didn’t get Borg, get Avyx!


Hahahaha! Just watched the vid it was hilarious and it was no ordinary bear, it was a grizzly! :joy:


Well I can at least say that a level 31 Avyx without any Warhawk runes equipped is significantly better than a level 32 Borgian on a non xp base. I could only hit a base with a defense about <50% higher than Borgians AP. With Avyx a base with way more than double or even quadruple his AP, it wasn’t much of an issue. Now, I will have to wait and see how he does with defenders.


not great against defenders, especially as a lead. But then what dragon really is? It is very dependent on rage. you need to use that Warhawk spell constantly while occasionally using Healing mark. Overall it is a killer dragon though. I’m enjoying it! :slight_smile:

Im speaking from an Obsidian perspective against lvl 60 towers.


He should at least be able to kill the front row of a defended base, then again depends on the storm shield I guess


Yes easily. But that’s just one island