So how happy are you with Vanguard and New Primes?

  • Love this!
  • Hate this!
  • Yes Sir, can I have another!
  • I’m taking out a 2nd mortgage for WarDragons!
  • Who cares?

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Why not do a temperature check? :joy::joy::joy:

Where’s the love? :joy::joy::joy:

Why is this off topic?

Also it’s not even surprising how many just stopped caring which is probably a sign of players giving up soon with the ridiculous XP requirements.

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Well I put it here so someone wouldn’t get mad and tag mods :man_shrugging:t3: :joy::joy::joy:

If someone wants to get happy and tag mods and move it to another spot okay :ok_hand:t3: :rofl:

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At level 321 decided to not spend anymore because they will never let me catchup for sure they are planing for towers level 99 or 100 and many more tiers .
And with 400 k xp for each level I need months to reach another tierl


Moving to general :grimacing:


Well, I mean, I’m never going to get the new tier since I’m a free-to-play… so I don’t really care.


Well with so many responses now… from the folks who read the Forums there seems to be a general consensus here and maybe even a pattern forming?

I’m not quite sure yet though let’s give it 5-6 months and add another tier before we draw any conclusions :slight_smile:

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lol i ll never ever reach them, so do not care

I don‘t care about a bunch of pretty expensive breeders…


I’ll quit or the game will die long before I will ever reach Vanguard, so eff it. I hope the game doesn’t die, and I hope things get better, but I am done getting worked up about a thing that’s supposed to be fun.

To the person(s) who came up with the xp scaling past 300:


Guess with almost 100 folks responding this poll proves the 1% love it! And everyone else is screwed!

Or 1% were confused and/or under the influence of unnamed substances (no offense whoever you are).

Still waiting for the Vanguards…

I just find it funny how a lot of people are getting put off with on all this new content while the existing issues never get fixed. I hope the money you get with the whales chasing the end game is worth alienating the majority of your player base who spend.

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Guess the 1% had a change of heart too and abandoned this BS :joy::joy::joy:


See those 4%? That’s who they cater to.


It’s up to 5% now… guess the boycott is over :man_facepalming:t3:

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