So, I bubbled my first castle

I figured out why my M.Avernic is so weak. His gear is not fully maxed so I joined an Atlas team to finish the season with. Officers informed me that the Aligane kills don’t count towards monthly kills and was instructed to hit castles from the bookmarks instead. Ok cool. I won’t be here for a month but open season on the bookmarks without having to “ask” is my type of party. As I’m checking all these bookmarks, they’re full of castles 2 and 3 hops deep. When I try to go to the castle the game says I have to go to another castle first. There’s something about moving around that I don’t know and I’m guessing no one says anything because they assume I knew how already.

I found the 1 one hop castle on the list, loaded up my Sieger and hit everyone I could. Very exhilarating. On previous teams during raids, officers would give staging coords then on GO, they give the attacking coords. The whole team gets to the raid and began bulldozing troops. But me, I get hung up at castles adjacent to the raid. I get killed from the Blockades and waste hundreds of troops.

*my question is. how is everyone navigating the map??

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You need a team that knows about winning in atlas
Apply to Savagekillers

I thought the team had to know about winning in atlas lol


This is the gist of the post

Actually I don’t. I have my own team currently in Gold2 but thanks anyway

Has aligane been the only source of your gp up until this point? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Oh no…I just hit it up so I wouldn’t have a zero for the Glory Hunting event because a scheduled raid was canceled last minute. I abandoned all my glory swapping chat’s at last season’s end since I was no longer on a team with Atlas access

So if you don’t hit the non target castles, there is a thirty second delay before you can move. Wait that time out, move to the next one, repeat until you reach your target. If you hit them, the delay becomes a lot longer. Stealth and sneakiness…

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Sadly there are a lot of players who have had atlas for ages and still don’t understand the basics.

Best way to learn is to load up with a few troops and just go and try stuff. Then find a knowledgeable player on your team (hopefully there is at least one) and ask a few relevant questions.

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Basically castles are divided into regions. You can find 2/3/4/5 castles in one region together bordered by a thin dark line. To move from one region to the next there’s usually a castle with a gray pathway through that thin dark line that leads to another castle in the next region. If your target is in the first region but after the access castle (the one on the nml/sz) then you can hit it right away after delay on access. If your target is in the second region, you’ll have to wait delay/ bubble access then go to the castle that leads to the second region and wait delay or bubble it then move to the second region.

Visual aid would help better here :see_no_evil: sorry about that


Basic movement on atlas map

  1. You are free to move to any Safe Zone
  2. You are free to move to any Red Zone
  3. Castles are “linked” by a path, which is a parallel double black lines. In order to move to a particular castle, zoom out the map and look for the “entry” from either SZ or RZ. Look for the connecting link towards there. Each castle you trespass, delay is 30s if you don’t attack or trap.
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Choose a 1hop castle whose adjacent castle (access castle) is your ally.

That way you will not be attacked before you reach the 1hop castle.

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