So I got Apophet 🤷‍♀️

I ran him and am still confused when to use these two spells alone or together. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial? Please. :rose:

I’m curious. Can the Nocturnal Fissure (white) absorb mage projectile?

rarely i use the nocturnal fissure, usually i just do 2-3 nightfall 3 umbral. And i can guarantee u that the white nocturnal fissure isnt that reliable most of the times. Its weakend when white so it really doesnt absorb much. If you do your umbral right, you wont need to use that vortex.



Just got Apo too and also have a question. It says nightfall increases next lock-on attacks damage by 50%, but the visual image of the lock- on damage stays the same till nightfall is canceled :thinking: so is it just the next 1 swipe gets increased or all lock-ons remain powered till the spell is canceled?

Ah, more questions than answers. :sob:

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1st swipe after Nightfall is increased damage, only the first swipe.

Cast nightfall then use white umbral to take out red mage - best strategy.

Fissure is supposed to heal when used as white but I haven’t really seen that work so I rarely used that combo.


The nightfall changes the red and blue spells to white? :flushed:

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It seems…

That’s way I asked about white Nocturnal earlier (Sorry. I thought you’d known about it)

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Yes, using nightfall will turn Apophet other spells white for the next cast. Enjoy :grin: Apophet was my fav from that tier.

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You enjoy him too Tabby :hugs::hugs::blush::blush:

But be sure to let nightfall fully animate before casting umbral strike or it’ll revert to red


I had a 20 hr mission for 7 nightfalls. The first run, I was able to cast it several times but the second run only let me do it two times. Gonna google later today and see what comes up. :thinking:

There is a bug with nightfall. Sometimes it stops working as if you don’t have enough rage

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Thank you Red😋

I love apo :heart_eyes: so much fun to fly

I save my NF for possible fire turrets attacks.
I also use the info of what what my familiar is attacking as to know what to target with apo:
familiar: storm, blue, red…in that order.
So I turn my umbrl white prior to turns, take out my reds, then blues or flaks (you can use double/triple hits with umbral also)

But careful on following someone who set the base up for, the familiar will unsand stuff and anger the lead attaker…if you fail.


Just fyi about nocturnal fissure:

The blue version absorbs projectiles. Basically the only time you ever wanna use this is when you see a high level fire shot coming your way.
The nightfall white version absorbs every kind of damage, but does not negate projectiles. It also doesnt absorb very much. It also heals you for a certain amount. The problem with the white nocturnal fissure is that it doesnt block enough. If you use it and get hit for a high level fire turret shot for example, it absorbs a piece of the damage, you still take half your hp in damage, and then heal for a little bit. But thats 3 rage to just take PART of the damage of a fire turret shot.

In truth, you wanna use nocturnal fissure as less as possible. Not rage cost efficient. Use blue nocturnal fissure when a high level turret shot is coming. Use white nocturnal fissure if youre low on health and have plenty rage.
All other cases of flying you wanna use white umbral and normal umbral.
Have fun :slight_smile: Apo is amazing for his tier, just like Hau :slight_smile:


Thanks ya’ll. I think I’ll like Apophet … hope to keep him on the roster for a long time. :heart_eyes:

yes night fall makes red and blue to white spells.

and yes if u you use nocturnal fissure with nightfall… the damage taken in will give you a very decent amount of health back.

so it depends if u need health back… then u can use nighfall and use fissure.

also if u want to take out 2-3 towers on a hotspot u can use nigt fall with unbral spike and it will make the umbral spike white, only the first one tho… so u have to repeat night fall for white umbral…

hope this all helps some wat

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