So I have a question?

So if I was to say I have found indisputable proof of hacking modding or cheating in some way shape form or fashion what would u as the community say? Funny thing is I posted this post once and retracted it to make sure I was correct. Now what’s going on is I have been attacked on my alt multiple times by a level 295. No big deal right as its an xp Base I created for members of our community to use anyway right? Funny story is I decided to watch the replays as we all do to see what’s better suited for our bases and defenses and strategies. Now I didn’t check this guys level the first 6 times his name popped up on my roster because the alt he is attacking is level 45. So I was thinking ok he’s a low level and he’s training blah blah blah. I was shocked when I seen he was 295. So to further my interest I tried to watch his replay. It will not let me watch his replay. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it 4 times. I have closed and reopened the game 12 times and I have hard reset my phone 3 times. I can watch everyone’s replay but his. This is all super fishy and needs to be investigated. As my proof here’s the screen shots for our community to decide for themselves,is this hacking or just a technical error? Seems fishy it only works for him. Also he attacked me at different times and it’s all the same result for every time.

Seems to me you should report through the in game service portal. Or tag @pgCampusLifer on here since that’s apparently CL’s specialty.

I was attacked by the same guy when it pops up and show you have been attacked it said he beat my base but there was no dragon image so I was beaten by a ghost

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So apparently this is an ongoing thing.

I guess the name is fitting. :thinking:

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Is it like this kind of glitch/bug? I really wonder why this happen… Not suspecting anyone but this happened quite a few times. Double account on the same device maybe?

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