So I need like a lotta help..........πŸ˜‚

Okay great people so on the game war dragon and you can get the water dragon by defeating 20 attacking dragon. Yes we all this, but I have gotten it up to 11 twice already. When I get back to my base it still says eight. Please help as much as you can

If I had to guess, you have gotten some of those by defeating event attacks. Event attacks do not count towards the water dragon, despite what you see in the post-battle screen. So it goes to 11 on that screen, but there is no actual addition to the counter.

Successfully defend more in the main game, and your counter should increase.

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You might have been attacked in event. Felled dragons in event defences don’t count.

You could even ask for players to attack you in LC so you get more dragons defeated towards the counter, but unless you are low level Ryuu is just good for regenerating rahe fast…

I remember when I was excited to get the water dragon. Prepare to be disappointed. :sunglasses:


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