So, is the Black Friday Sale being A/B tested?

500 sigils for $4.99 USD on my end

Other currencies will be hit by upcharges for VAT, exchange rate fees, etc.


got it on my end as well as my other 6 friends

More curious if they’re messing with the amount of sigils because never know anymore :woman_shrugging:


I need tiiiimers!!!

500 sigils on my end as well. Why only 500??

Same as on Valentine’s, 500 sigils for roughly $5 just you cannot gift it to somebody.

How many can we buy per day?

Only 1

thats absolutely retarded

$7.99 AUD
complete sentice.

5,49€ here

ps: at the current change rate it would be like 6,23 USD / 4,86 GBP / 8,63 AUD :expressionless:

R$ 15,99 (USD 4,20 at current exchante rates)

This seems silly. Even if I was still spending, 2k sigils wouldn’t get me very far. Before PG screwed the pooch I was planning on spending to be able to finish aristrat, but now I’m just going to finish prospero and call it a day. A Black Friday deal should be more exciting than 500 sigils that you can only purchase once a day.


I don’t need sigils(
But I could have use speedups
Also,just small off topic comment…last prize In Pathox Line for 500 sigils is 2(!) gold chests
Which is kinda greedy imo
I know,that it’s meant to be for ppl,who get everything possible in season and need to spend sigils somehow
But it’s still not a great deal
Basically,with discount we can buy 2 gold for 5$,while you can buy 20$ pack with 10 gold + extra 2k rubies and some goodies and gold chests
Just an example)

It should be like a real Black Friday sale. Something we can get in first fights over and be on the news.


a 100k rubie pack for just $5.99, only 1 per team lol


Is this replacing Super Sigil chests? :thinking:

Yes, this week.
Next week is Super Sigil

$4.67 here…


i mean…roughly… exchange rate changes quite a bit lol if it was last week it would of been


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