So Lag Since the Last Update When We Got Defended during war

did anyone got so Lag during war attack and team enemy defending?

I’ve noticed a lot of lag when someone defends. Attacks without defenders run smoothly.

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thats right, is it because the server trafic or something @PGJared, @PGEggToken ? thank god it wasnt just me. and again why my war dragons couldnt run with my wifi provider, any repply pls

I’m having the same issues when defenders. Also some lag when i have followers

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yes the problem is, when i was attacking and got lag by defenders, im often fire at tower while it count down to lagy and after the lag end, eventually my dragon firing at the already destroyed tower. so it wasted, and my dragon get shot by tower from the next island. sad but ists true

follower means your comrade?

Yes I get lag then also

What kind of lag is it? Is it stuttering of your dragon’s position/attacks, or framerate (does it look like a slideshow)?

Stuttering. It stops and buffers a lot.

It slows the network, I know it’s got a lot to do with others internet, location etc etc. But have not noticed it this bad since I have been playing.

lot of freezing and stop start stop start.

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yeah same like me, stop and counting down-start-stop again counting down again until the last tower on the island destroyed.
it never happened before, it much harder when defended this time.
before someone defender join attack, the signal is green and good, but when someone join to defend base, the signal drastically drop dead to 1 bar Red. :frowning: @PGEggToken

Android user here I’ve stopped using the invite button unless necessary due to lag. Lags if having a follower or if there are defenders. If defender is hammer spamming, I am in a tough spot (tougher than usual). Not really anything new though. Always just chalk it up to being an android user (on an older phone, too).

I had the same issues with lag. Stopping to buff, or towers popping up where there was forest earlier

Mine constantly pauses and seems to be worse when they are dropping defense items. Attacks without defenders runs just fine. Lag is terrible and I’ve checked my speeds.

Yeah without defenders mine runs fine too.

don’t mind the lag actually when I’m attacking - gives me a leisurely amount of time to pick out what I want to do… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s really annoying though if you’ve only got 10 minutes to fly during your work break :joy:

True, but it really messes up your duration spells (EB, time shift, shields etc).


If my lag worked like that, I’d be fine with it too. Laggy timeshift lol. Mine is more like not moving then suddenly dead

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I got the same problem. Most often when both defense and join attack on the raid. And my screen freeze during attack when Chimerak busts his shield argain the hi power island (which contains fire turrets, dark flake…). I think the server is too weak to handle heavy traffic.

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