This game is really amazing and feel new but there are some disadvantages or flaws :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:: would like to mention some basic drawbacks :wink:

  1. Resources such as lumber and food should be increased both from farms as well as attacking opponents which are correlated.
  2. Some things are hard to understand like which dragon to upgrade, which rider suits u best, or which shard is for which rider upgrade etc, things should be easier to understand for newcomers.
  3. Support staff do response fast but they aren’t able to solve your problems instead will say " transferred your topic to the concerned team etc" so that doesn’t solve your problem.
  4. upgrading a defensive building shouldn’t decrease your total defence as its static in this game.
  5. another issue is while helping teammates defend their bases the screen freezes .
  6. Work on these 5 drawbacks and we can go forward from there^^

Welcome to War Dragons. I take it from your point 1 that you are quite new to the game, as there is more than enough food and lumber in the game, it’s the one set of resources that is not in shortage.

You definitely have a point that the game is not all that easy to understand for new players. Not something that’s easily fixed I’m afraid, as at least part of the reason is that this is a fairly complex game. Reading and asking on the forums is a good start though.

Support quality varies but if you’re experiencing bugs like black screens you can hardly expect them to just magic up some bugfix, they can only pass it to engineering.

No idea what you mean in point 4 really…

  1. Lumber and Food are transferable resources. Use teamwork to get more.
  2. For Seasonal dragons, we have the number of available tiers. non Atlas Riders have their own exclusive shards, while Atlas ones can be upgraded with Red Shards (only available in Atlas). As for which is the best for us, community has build tools / guides to do so.
  3. Supports aren’t the one managing this game, so if they can’t fix it, they pass it the the one they think is more capable (e.g. engineer, etc.)
  4. Upgrading towers = “hide the tower” while being upgraded. Upgrading perch removes the dragon (no bonus until another drag is perched). Plus def number isn’t an accurate metric to see how strong our base is.

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As a new player two places worth looking at in order are: and the corresponding post Red's Master Breeding Paths - you will be rewarded greatly for spending time understanding breeding.

Mech & Kate's Spreadsheet Vaults - don’t get overwhelmed and try and get through it all in one go.


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